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Following the great coverage on the one show this evening we would love to keep up this momentum and keep it in the media. If you can spare anytime please contact the one show sharing your experiences and what an important issue this is. If you could possibly also mention the other issues around thyroid treatment eg the uselessness of testing methods ect. This would be great. Perhaps we could get the BBC to do some further coverage of the issue if they get enough responses.

Also today a number of members have been emailing various influential bodies, individuals and other TV programmes - MPs, health secretary, Dept. of Heath, ITVs This Morning & Loose Women to try and get further TV coverage and keep this issue in peoples minds. The more inundated they are with how we feel about this issue the more chance we have of being heard.

Please see a thread by UrsaP started yesterday evening entitled GRC T3 Removal Proposal. With lots of ideas for other places to email and UrsaP did a get post with points to include

If you can spare the time many thanks

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I think they are all great ideas. Especially the last one & Harry. I hadn't thought of 'using' the mental health connection - inspired. Let's all get emailing 👍

If you check out UrsaPs thread 'GRC T3 Proposed Removal' posted 1 day ago ( sorry I can't do links on this tablet ) She has done a great post outlining points to possibly include. I found it very helpful. Also its good to put your own story and experience in the letter / email explaining why the issue is so important to you

Hope that helps. We will try and get a skeleton letter together to make it easier for people to do it quicker.


What I don't understand is that if Concordia is losing the sale of t3 now why didn't they reduce to a reasonable price and then the nhs would still be buying it. Is that too simple?

Jo xx

Hi delicious21 Great ideas. I did mention Prince Charles earlier too, he is an advocate of alternative therapies, so might pick up on our cause?

I'm still awaiting a response from my local MP since 1/4/17....despite several follow up emails and actually asking her....

Dr Chris Steele is supposedly a Patron of Thyroid UK thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/About_...

I'm going to get on this too, I also found a link to more famous people to contact, theinvisiblehypothyroidism....

Most of those people, plus quite a few not mentioned, are in my Famous People document available here:


They're all going to be delighted to hear from me thanks helvella!



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