Case Study Needed for TV Programme

Case Study Needed for TV Programme

I have been approached by a TV news programme to find a case study of either someone who doesn't do well on levothyroxine, has asked for T3 and been refused OR someone who didn't do well on levothyroxine, went onto T3 and felt better but then had their T3 taken away from them.

The case study would need to have a visit from the TV programme to film them.

They need to live in one of the following areas:





and s

ome areas of Linconshire.

If we could get a case study, this will be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about what is happening. He may also mention NDT too. Please help with this.

If we don't get a case study, it will be an excellent opportunity missed!


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  • Lynn, this was posted just yesterday and there is a link within the post of the difficulties she had making the attempts for NDT or T3. It's a 92-year-old patient which to me shows that even old age is not too late to make improvements in your health. I don't know if it meets the criteria to be called a "case study" but it was a wonderful testimonial.

  • Hi Heloise,

    Thanks for pointing me towards this. It is fantastic, isn't it? However, I don't think this is what the journalist is looking for, unfortunately.

  • I feel I have read many, many posts from people who finally had to go on their own and order T3 usually in the context of encouraging others. This is really unbelievable unless these people do not read here that often. Is there a way to send out a mass email to members in those specific areas perhaps? It's such a good opportunity to get the word out about this vexing situation.

  • Thanks Heloise,

    I don't normally have to do that but I think I'll have to this time. Job for Louise! :-)

  • Hi are you able to post this on UK Without a thyroid Facebook site? This may reach people living in those areas as well. There are many who fall into this category and may be very interested.

  • Hi Sesbo,

    Which group is it? I can find "Living without a thyroid" and "Life without a Thyroid" but I don't know which one is a UK one.

  • Hi lynmynott Its called 'Uk without a thyroid'

    on Facebook.

  • I did look for that too but it didn't come up. I'll try again...

  • Oh, found it now! Thanks!

  • How about asking Paul Robinson? He may know of someone?

  • From memory ,i think most of those folk were in the SE or SW rather than those areas.

  • Hi Lynn,

    Unfortunately I do not live in the areas you've noted above although I have had problems with the synthetics. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March 2013 and was started on Levothyroxine a few weeks after the cancer was removed. When I was on the maximum dose and I wasn't getting better I was put on Levothyroxine and Liothyronine (T3). The combination therapy didn't work and so I was trialed on Armour thyroid. I've been on Armour for nearly 18 months and been so much better but it was taken off me on the 22nd June this year because my endo couldn't fund it anymore from his budget and the cancer hospital has refused to prescribe it. I'm now on 40mcg of synthetic T3 per day and I'm getting all the old hypo problems again. My GP won't prescribe Armour because it's unlicensed either. My endo will give a private prescription for Armour but I cannot afford it due to losing my job to the cancer. The situation is ridiculous because I've found out the cost from my pharmacist for T3 is £520.00 per month and the Armour is less than £200.00 per month. I now worry that the T3 will be taken off me because of the cost and I won't have any thyroid medication to keep me well. It's a big worry for me because the thyroid medication is needed to stop me developing thyroid cancer in the future as I still have the left side of thyroid intact. Perhaps your journalist might rethink their criteria.

    TT x

  • Unfortunately, the criteria comes from where he broadcasts from. :-(

  • Oh dear never mind.

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