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kum on all you people [members ]

come on all you good people who use and get super advice and empathy from this site , remember there is a DAMN site of people that help US , please please please check the POST 'ali ali everywhere ' if we can double the results [ which if 1% of the current members agree to 'match at the % at the lowest --1p per £1 raised--- ] WE should be able to help a hell of a lot of people in the future .....the MAIN guys and gals on this site put time/effort and all their hearts into what they do I THINK ITS TIME FOR US TO STAND UP AND BE APPRECIATIVE for what they have done and hope they will carry on with OUR fight with this abysmal treatment that too many of us are suffering ==== just think but for this where would you go for advice ????-----and always remember 99.9% of the people that I speak about DO NOT GET PAID OR RECIEVE ANY KIND OF PAYMENT IN ANY WAY -----please contact either myself or louise at admin if you wish to KUM ON BORD.......alan

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Aww feeling the love Alan! :) x


no probs louise , hope your bad dreams have been and gone never to return ....alan xxx


Ditto louiseearvill well said :)


please check on the POST site and go to the heading ' THANK YOU ' for the details of how to contribute and top the fund up ----as well as give the people that always help us a big personal boost ====they suffer as we all do ====...<<<<hugs to everyone >>>> ....alan


well young man,

I come on to this site most days for a read and to remind myself that there are a lot of people worse off than me, some are better at managing their health, and that we are all different. we are all at different stages of coping, or not coping and trying to get our heads round this very complex disease and its treatments.

I am very thankful that I found the Thyroid UK site with the host of happy volunteers, I have always thought the replies that I ( and others ) recieved very sensible, knowledgable, and caring and totally think some sort of funding should be available to help thyroid UK help us.

Although until pointed out, I believed it was the magic fairy who funded everything.

Unfortunately your post above totally confused me, especially when you referred back to other posts etc, I am not computer literate, and a foggy brain state does not make it easy to find things, either on the computer (or anywhere else in the house!).

So yes thank you all admin and volunteers and sorry i have not realised your needs before now.

so to get to the point.youngman....if you put something on a post and it gets lost and you dont get replies........ dont make us go looking for it, that is hard work........make it a small permantent post that appears every day....... so that we can all see it, whenever we log in........and when we see it we know what to do.... where to send donations .....what they are for.....etc etc. so give me the information, i will send a dontation, but dont ask me to go on a hunt. oh and what does DAMN stand for? best wishes



so happy to receive your missive mary , ---- its a looonnnggg time since I was called a young man .... thank you so much .....asa techno idiot myself [ and proud of it ] I could not agree more with you ---- there must be a way of setting up easier permanent reminders to those of us that are still attempting to get around the 'tecno bits ' ...but this is what I have found to be useful ........ if you click on to the top of the page that says ' members ' and then type in LOUISE WARVILL and then click on to SEND MESSAGE you can send her a personal message ....she will then send you the details of how to send any donations direct to thyroid uk , I will send her a missive to alert her to you and no doubt she will contact you regarding any top up to the venture that you wish to give ------- of which I personally thank you ------incidently the word 'DAMN' is a universally accepted profanity without having to resort to blasphemy [ its better than a swear word ] ----and a lot nicer .....LoL....alan kim and the nsllo xxx


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