Case study needed for TV

Case study needed for TV

I have been approached by a TV news programme to find a case study of either someone who doesn't do well on levothyroxine, has asked for T3 and been refused OR someone who didn't do well on levothyroxine, went onto T3 and felt better but then had their T3 taken away from them.

The case study would need to have a visit from the TV programme to film them.

They need to live in one of the following areas:





Some areas of Linconshire

If we could get a case study, this will be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about what is happening. He may also mention NDT too. Please help with this! Lyn

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  • If I fitted the criteria I'd be on it like a shot! Wonder if the programme is going to look at other thyroid issues, such as the problem with the tests they do, people not being diagnosed and left to suffer because they are 'in range' despite symptoms, people being told they are just depressed instead, or misdiagnosed with other things. Ignorant and rude doctors and the lack of appropriate training. I think they could do with making a whole series, never mind one programme! :-)

  • I live in Somerset. Sorry

  • I fit the criteria....... Been on liothyronine for about ten year. CCG just stopped it with no replacement

  • I live in the wrong area ... I'm in Somerset ....

  • Hi, that's awful for you. Are you able to get T3 from abroad instead?

  • Ah that's a shame. I fit the criteria except for location. I'm based Essex/London. Been on T3/Levo combo and doing well, and now just had T3 revoked because of cost.

  • I know of a few places I can get from Europe, but yes I will be writing to a whole host of people. I'm also part of a Thyroidless group who are putting together a campaign to fight against the CCG for revoking T3

  • Maybe need to keep bumping this post up each day so we don't miss folk who fit the criteria but don't read the posts every day?

  • I live in Norfolk but only half meet your list. No thyroid very poorly on thyroxine but still holding onto my T3. Pleased no one has tried to remove it from me. 😄 Good luck and hope you find the right person. X

  • Hi Lyn

    I don't live in the above areas, I live in West Sussex however I have had a year of having my Endo dangling T3 in from of me, delaying sending me the perscription then him giving it to me only to under prescribe me, blame my heart for acting up (when my symptoms came back) and then took it away from me.

    Prior to him I had two Endos who rushed through my appointments and made me suffer for years not listening to me when I complained that my thyroid/neck was hurting and I found it hard to swollow.

    I'd love to spill the beans any way I can!!


  • Hi Heather, Unfortunately, we have to stick to the areas. :-( Can I keep your details on file if any come up in your area?

  • Yes of course, please do!

  • Thanks! Could you send me your name, email address and phone number to and I can put your details into my case study file. xx

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