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Update - Just seen GP: One Fits All, of course!!! Nothing he can suggest Argh!!!

This is an update to an earlier post today - healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Well, I saw the GP this afternoon re Thyroid or B12 issues. Thoughts from both PAS and ThyroidUK forums suggest Thyroid issue most likely, based on recent results of:

Local Lab - 13 April 2017

TSH - 0.24 miu/L (0.25 - 5.0)

Free T4 - 22.0 pmol (9.00 - 23.0)

BH (Same blood draw)

TSH - (Low) 0.25 (0.27 - 4.20) mIU/L

T4 Total - 109.5 (64.5 - 142.0) nmol/L

Free T4 - (High) 22.45 (12 - 22) pmol/L

Free T3 - 3.85 (3.1 - 6.8) pmol/L

I calculate this ratio is T3 / T4 is 5.83 / 1 However, GP sees both results are 'within normal range' and he isn't even prepared to check this out anywhere, or anything, even though I pointed out the ratio should be 3 or 4/1 and certainly under 5. He just didn't want to know. All he could suggest was to see him again in 3 months! So, what does he think will change between now and then?

Why are so many of our GPs so brainwashed? Don't they have an inquisitive mind these days? Doesn't matter that the patient (me) feels rubbish and really doesn't want to life such a life, especially when there are things that could be, at least, tried ;( So fed up!!!

So, when it was clear he had no more to say, I then told him that I felt my only option was to get hold of some T3 and give myself a trial. GPs reaction??? Ha! Surprise, surprise! He wasn't too keen 'Very Dangerous'

I just said I'd be careful and see him in 3 months (hopefully able to tell him I feel fantastic on T3 ;) )


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I really hope t3 works for you and you can teach him a bit of a lesson. Mines equally unconcerned and prefers to through antidepressants and pills for anxiety at me 😀.

Yet to see him since recent NHS tests and getting some private ones done this weekend. But recently spoke to the practice nurse. Her response to me saying my recent test results were not good - TSH 5.9 0.35-5.7 ( and t4 13.4. 10-20 ) was 'oh but they are raising the upper limit on the TSH to 5.9 so your fine AARRHH ! No I'm not fine !

I'm about to change doctors and am planning on giving him a piece of my mind with paperwork to back me up πŸ‘

Found this the other day - Michelle's blog, Male menopause hypothyroidism and Dr Chris Steele -

The blogger wrote ......... I think this should be on every doctors desk

Dr Chris Steele - I was taught to listen to the patient, they will tell you the diagnosis.... . . if a patient has some classic signs of under active thyroid then that is what is wrong with them, even if the blood results do not reveal low TH. In other words treat the patient not the paper ! Amen πŸ‘

Should we all get that printed on a card for our gps ?


Hi Kitti, I think that I would be very careful with the paperwork, as it will go in your notes and be carried on to your next gp practise.

Jo xx


"in range" is a much overused phrase by doctors incapable of taking the time to understand how thyroid should be treated


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