Hi I'm Claire, 33. I have hypothyroidism (Hashimotos). I have a 3.5 year old and an almost 2 year old. Diagnosed with Graves 3.5 years ago after having my first child. I had cholestasis in the last few weeks of pregnancy (sever itching caused by too much estrogen hormone which makes the liver produce too much bile which overflows into the blood stream and meaning I had to be induced 2 weeks early as can cause still birth) which I believe triggered my thyroid antibody attack. Within a few months of giving birth it went from over active to underactive. Was then started on Levothyroxine 3 years ago. Was on a dose of 50mg for a while, then it had to be increased to 75mg. I must add that I had no real symptoms and felt generally well. They only did a thyroid blood test after I gave birth because I'd had the cholestasis. Everything was going fine until I fell pregnant again and I just could not function what so ever, I had to sleep all the time, had no energy to cook myself heathy meals, couldn't play with my little boy etc. Was just awful. I saw a consultant and he increased my dose to 100mg for the course of my pregnancy as he said you need a little more when you're pregnant. It didn't make a difference. Once I gave birth I went back down to 75mg again as instructed but after a blood test a few months later I was put back up to 100mg and have been on that dose since (the last 18 months).

I breast feed my youngest and bed share.

I have extreme fatigue, irritability, weight gain that I can't shift, brain fog, just generally can't function.

I have finally been referred to an endocarnoligist, just waiting for an appointment. The doctors won't check my anti bodies so I'm hoping the endo will and also check free t3, t4.

I started a gluten free diet 3 weeks ago and feel slightly better and have lost a little bit of weight so will carry on with that. Have now cut out most dairy and caffeine.

Have been watching The Thyroid Secret docu series and feel so inspired by it and want to try and heal my self naturally through diet, life style, eliminating toxins from my invironment. I appreciate this might not be possible but want to give it a try. In the mean time I would love to go onto NDT but don't know if endo will pescribe this or where I could get it?

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Welcome to the forum, ClairePorter.

If you post your most recent thyroid results and ranges (ranges are figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated on 100mcg.

It may be worth asking your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Low/deficient levels can cause fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

NDT isn't licensed for UK use so it is unlikely NHS will prescribe it. Most members using NDT have private prescriptions or buy on the internet and self medicate.

Will post my results when I get them next week. I am difficient in vit D but am waiting for the print out of my results (I have to go in and get it). I have also asked to be tested for those other things you mentioned.

I started taking some breast feeding support tablets last week which include vit D (10ug 200% NRV) so hopefully this will help? The doctor said to take a high dose?

How would I get a private prescription, do I need to see a private doctor? Is there a list on here on recommended functional/ holistic / private doctors?


10mcg VitD is a very small dose. Post your results and ranges in a new post next week and members will advise how much to supplement.

You would need to see a a different doctor to your own GP to get a private prescription. Email for a list of private practitioners and endocrinologists. Before confirming bookings email to ask whether they still prescribe NDT.

Hi where can I find this documentary? Thanks

It's on YouTube. Called The Thyroid Secret. It's 8 episodes about 1.5 hours each. So informative and I've learnt so much from it. Dr Izabella Wentz has completely healed her Hashimotos through diet, lifestyle changes and eliminating toxins and she shares how you can do it. Feeling so determined to get better now.

I have pre ordered her book just waiting for it now as have Hashimoto thyrioditus. Thank you for the information this will be a great benefit to watch. Can't wait now. Thanks again Allison

Hello Claire and welcome!

I'm sorry you've had a horrible time with the thyroid and meds. It is difficult to get the right treatment. I am still not right after two years of medication. I have Hashis (very high antibodies which were tested incidentally for another health issue) and am on 125mg levo but really want to add some T3. The GP won't hear of it.

Neither will the endo who was rubbish.

Thanks for posting the name of the videos you found helpful. I'm going to have a look! 😊

You might get an endo to consider prescribing T3, except that is now increasingly difficult to get, due to recent extortionate price increase charged by only licensed supplier to NHS.

Many on here are having their NHS prescriptions for T3 refused solely on grounds of cost.


I have decided to go ahead & have a FT3 blood test cost me £29 from Medichecks. My friend has hers done & they seem a lot cheaper than others I have looked up. Been on Levo nearly 2 years & don't feel it's helping so want to know if my body is converting T4 to T3. I also have low cortisol levels Endo have requested another morning test only but really want a 24 hr one. So I may just go ahead & just get this one done as well. I also suffer with M.E. Ulcerative Colitis & mild Crohns disease. All autoimmune diseases really don't want anymore as am hardly functioning. I've just started taking wheat grass & restricted my diet no dairy, lactose & gluton so hoping this works. Have been told about MSM it's meant to be a miracle cure was advised from someone as the health benefits are great for all kinds of things. I am also vitamin deficient with iron, B12 vit D so taking supplements. And have just ordered Vitamins B6 & B1 as I am at a stage where I will try anything to get better. Hoping all this will help.


It's usually recommended to take a B complex rather than individual B's to keep them all in balance

If taking any B complex that contains biotin (most seem to) you need to stop taking it 4-5 days prior to any TSH test or biotin can falsely influence the TSH result

Thank you for letting me know.

Hi I read up that if you are taking iron tablets & oestrogen HRT it can effect the Cortisol test I have had done. So with taking all the B vitamins this can effect TSH. They don't tell you this or even ask you what tablets your taking before any tests. :-(

That's because they don't know

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