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Low stomach acid/high B12?

Without boring you with all the details (various test results, symptoms etc), both my naturopath and myself have come to the conclusion that it's extremely likely that I have low stomach acid.

The one thing that seems to be an anomaly is that I have very high B12 (Result: Active B12 >256 [25.1-165]) and I've read that it is usually low in people with low stomach acid.

Is this just a personal anomaly do you think, or is it a game-changer on the stomach acid theory?!

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You could have low stomach acid and high B12. High B12 without supplementing can be caused by liver disease or kidney failure. I'm not sure how high B12 would have to be to indicate illness, healthunlocked.com/pasoc may be able to advise.


To see whether you have low stomach acid you can do these tests:




Thank you Clutter. I have already done the bicarb test, which along with various other things pointed to low acid, but I was just curious about the seeming anomaly re the B12. Everything I've read says low acid leads to low B12 due to absorption problems, but I guess we're all different. Having never had anything like this tested in the past (pre-thyroid issues) means I have no baseline or any idea what 'my normal' is!

Thanks too for the suggestion re the PA Soc - I'll pop over to the other forum and see if I can get further clarification, and of course I'll discuss it with the naturopath at my next appointment. At this stage I'm more curious than worried - let's hope it stays that way! x


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