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Low stomach acid

I have been taking HCL with Pepsi And it has worked to digest my food. However, like any pill it has side effects and the acid seems to go onto my back muscles and makes me stiff.

Warning to all you overactive thyroid people. I suffered with overactive thyroid for 16 years and only recently had it removed. Because I was over active and ate too much that's the reason I now have low stomach acid. So if you have the same issue get it removed quickly. Unfortunately, I was never advised this could be a future problem

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I really don't think eating too much causes low stomach acid. It's low T3 that causes low stomach acid.

You may use the acid up whilst digesting your food, but more is supposed to be secreted when your body is working properly. If you don't have a thyroid gland, then your body isn't working properly. Could be that your dose of thyroid hormone replacement is too low. Or, perhaps, you aren't converting very well. And, if you have low stomach acid, you probably have nutritional deficiencies, and that won't help, either. It's a vicious circle.


With pepsi? Lol....

The stiffness in your back may be because you are now slighty undermedicated? Hypo?

Low stomach acid comes with age, regardless of how much you eat....

Xx g


Organic apple cider vinegar is probably a better option than the toxic cocktail in pepsi.


I think he meant pepsin!


Whoops! :-/


Thank you for the great feedback. Can anyone tell me why British doctors along with stomach specialist could not diagnose low stomach acid and provide the correct medication ? I struggled with this issue for three years and no doctor could find out what was wrong with me!


The symptoms of low stomach acid and high stomach acid are very similar - burning pain, acid reflux, heartburn.

Doctors have been trained to dish out acid-reducing medications (PPIs, antacids, Zantac/ranitidine) because they make pharmaceutical companies vast amounts of money.

But if someone has too little stomach acid then the best treatment is to replace the missing acid. And solutions like taking betain + pepsin or apple cider vinegar are cheap and can't be patented and so don't make money.

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