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More blood results


Another friend has also suspected thyroid problem.

Labs in Dec were:

TSH 1.437 (0.34 - 5.6)

T4 8.1 (8 - 18)

Ferritin 31 (11 - 200)

B12 690 (above 14 normal)

Then in March

TSH 3.49 ( 0.34 - 5.6)

T4 8.5 (8 - 18)

GP said vit d was low, but no numbers to go on.

Various thyroid type symptoms, but is able to work part time.

I wondered what the verdict of experienced people here would be, please?


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Your friend is having to flog the thyroid gland with high TSH to produce T4. As I said before NHS won't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is >5.6 or FT4 <8.0.

Ferritin is optimal half way through range so your friend should supplement iron and take each tablet with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

Your friend needs to find out what the vitD level is and supplement if it is <75nmol/L.

B12 690 is good.


Thanks for confirming my thoughts on this.


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