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More blood test results, advice/thoughts please



All the latest are "fine" (no further action) according to my doctor

TSH 1.99 (0.35 - 3.5)

was 2.35 last month, also "fine" but I asked for more Levo as TSH had increased, now on 75mg a day

Antibody level 33.5 (0.0 - 34.0)

Immunoglobin A 0.25 (0.8 - 4.0)below range

Immunoglobin M 4.48 (0.5 - 2.0) above range

Folate 3.1 (2.7 - 15)

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 81 (0.0 - 19.0) above range

Ferritin last done June 152 (23.0 - 300.0)

T4 also in June 15 (8.0 - 21)

I still have the same symptoms (lethargy/tiredness/no energy ) as I've had for the past 2 years, I also have TED since April 2013 (currently stable) got shingles 6 weeks ago and am currently signed off sick.

I take 400mg ferrous sulphate a day as my body will not store any excess iron.

So, my question is should I

A/ plod on regardless with current GP

b/ try another GP who might look outside those damn scales

Or c/ use my private insurance and get referred to an endocrinologist knowing that they appear to be few and far between and I'd probably have to travel to London?

Any thoughts appreciated :)



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Your TSH could be lower so I would say an increase of Levo also because your T4 is not in the upper range. As long as you have symptoms your GP should increase the dose.

I know how frustrating it is when you know better than your GP. Try to take the guidelines with you and information whivh says the TSH should be low and T4 in the upper range if the patient is on meds.

If your GP still refuses (those ranges are everything to them) then I would go to an endocrinologist. Don't waste any time and energy on those who can't help you.

catalonia in reply to Flower3

Thanks Flower,

What about the anti-bodies being almost at the top of the range, should they be doing anything about that? Or the Folate being almost at the bottom do you know?

Did the GP say shingles was the cause of your high ESR? If not I would definitely try a different GP as that level is far from fine. I would ask for the T4 level to be rechecked as you can't get a proper picture from just the TSH alone and it could have changed a lot since June. Your folate level is pretty low so needs supplementing but I would get them to do a Vit B12 level first as taking folic acid could mask a deficiency of B12. Don't let them fob you off regarding the B12 as that would cause extreme fatigue and lethargy if low. Post the B12 result and T4 when you get them.

They wouldn't supplement for the folate as its "in range", I asked the receptionist today when my last iron test was done, she said Sept. but gave me the folate results, that's not Iron, is it....?

humanbean in reply to catalonia

The usual way that iron is tested by the NHS is by measuring ferritin - a completely inadequate way of doing it because inflammation can make ferritin higher than your actual levels of iron would justify, but no doubt it is cheaper than doing proper iron tests and a full blood count. :(

To raise folate you need to take either folic acid or methylfolate. The second one is better but more expensive.

Folate levels and B12 levels are connected - raising folate will mask a vitamin B12 deficiency. So it is always a good idea to supplement both. Many people do best with sublingual methylcobalamin i.e. tablets that are stuck under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. Methylcobalamin is one form of B12 - there are others.

However, if there is any chance you have pernicious anaemia, then you should not supplement either folate or vitamin B12 until you have been properly tested.

And I think I have just exhausted my knowledge of this subject!

That ESR test was done in June when I did have shingles but the GP did not know that, nor did I (know what the rash was) as I hadn't even told them, it was only when I got it again last month in the same place that I even went to the GP about it!

B12 was 619 (130.0 - 1100.0) in Sept.

Oh and I have a mildly decrease GFR

I also asked about Adrenal fatigue as I ticked an awful lot of boxes on the adrenal website, including the 'white line test', doctor ordered blood tests results is

Serum cortisol level 392 (140 - 700) she said that's "fine" but everything I read says the blood test alone is not sufficient!

Stourie in reply to catalonia

You know, for all that your doctor is doing (reading blood results) you and me could do that and get paid around £10000.00 a year too. I think that you have to change your doctor.

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