General 'reset' which helped my thyroid

I have a goitre and last year had high hypothyroid, in the past I had hypothyroid.

I didnt regard any of the medical options as being beneficial in the long term, all had 'side effects' I saw as not amusing! The consultant told me she wanted to prescribe Carbimazole, while casually mentioning that it would wipe out my immune system. to me that meant I could be dealing with cancer rather than thyroid issues. It didnt make sense.

Instead I decided to put into action lots of beneficial things I had learned from Phillip Day, Charlotte Gerson and general research. I think doing these things could help us all. A basic principle is that chronic disease is caused from toxicity and lack of nutrients. So anything that can detox and build proper nutrition to a high level can help reverse it.

So I was more careful with the food I ate, I drank a litre of fresh veg (mainly carrot. apple and ginger) juice a day, took vit D, selenium, and B-s plus double my usual dose of the three Sisel supplements (a multi mineral and antioxidant -SpectraMaxx, a fucoidan supplement, and a resveratrol supplement. was already GF, I made sure I had some coconut oil and essential fatty acids. I ate organically and this included protein.

I felt better and my hyper levels normalised. I gave my body the things it needed to help repair. I realised I needed not only the nutrients to supply my daily needs but extra because having a disease meant there was a deficit a hole that needed topping up too for my health to get better, not just maintain as it was.

Various problems lead me to become less disciplined and nurturing to myself, so i have slid back down the ladder a bit. But I am now going to do a reset and start doing all this again. My body just doesn't function well unless I do. intense stress called for me to do more, not less, but at the time I gave up. .. Who else self sabotages?

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  • If you're ill or under stress and you need to conserve your energies Idk that this is self-sabotage. That sounds like a very self-critical characterisation.

    Are you hypothyroid or hyperthyroid? I would urge caution when self-treating w alternative remedies. If you need thyroid hormone you need it, juice and vit d will not suffice.

  • Hi

    I agree with the sentiment that your body should be able to self repair if given the right building blocks (nutrients), but I'd rather do it by food than supplements. However, I have resorted to some supplements to try and boost the initial building supplies.

    I also take levo, as my body currently is not producing enough thyroxine naturally. Hopefully (forever the optimist) in time my body can sort itself out - as is suggested in one of Dr Haskell's books (Hope for hashi...).

    One big change I've made is avoiding flour with additives for last 6 months, and despite TSH rising to 2.9 (0.3 - 4.5) I have more energy now, than I have had for years.

  • "I have a goitre and last year had high hypothyroid, in the past I had hypothyroid.

    I didnt regard any of the medical options as being beneficial in the long term, all had 'side effects' I saw as not amusing! The consultant told me she wanted to prescribe Carbimazole"

    Why would the doctor give you Carbimazole if you were hypothyroid? Did you have any antibodies tested?

  • Hi not sure what you mean by hyper, do you mean hyper stressed, or hyperthyroid? Odds are your low in stomach acid and digestive enzymes, caused by insufficient intake of histidine vit-A or zinc. Zinc is commonly low with hypothyroidism, plus to make stomach acid you need the three nutrients mentioned, which leads to amino acid deficiency, which leads to adrenal problems, which ultimately leads to thyroid problems! Put simply if you've got thyroid problems, you've got an adrenal problem that's preceded it.

    I take amino acids, a b complex, vit c@1000mg plus a digestive enzyme inc betaine HCL with Pepsin, and a probiotic supplement. You may want to swap your sisel products products about, if I were you I'd take fucoydan, encompass360,and a kaffe coffee the bacopa is great for the brain, I also take the coffee, and encompass360 has most if the nutrients in it like you won't need a b complex plus it has bacopa in it too!

    For me I'm weaning off the thyroid meds actually don't feel like I need it! The adrenals thrive on amino acids, plus vitamin c, and b complex are neccisary cofactor nutrients

    Hope this helps...

  • hi roadrunnergreg

    Yes hyperthyroid or thyroditis. A very stress full period didnt help and just when I needed to help myself most.. I didnt. Hypo.. was a typo. Thank you. Yes I do find the Sisel coffee very good. A side effect seems to have been regaining some of my hair colour.. but mainly it does seem to be great generally. I think it kept me relatively stable when I wasnt doing as many of the other thing as I needed. FuCoyDon too. I take SpectraMaxx as well. I think you are right about the digestive enzymes too. I have taken the encompass in the past, but it would be a good idea to restart. Since I brought the levels of T4 down to normal it has stayed. I have never done thyroid meds.

    Your comments are very helpful. Thanks.

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