off topic, before my thyroid got sick

off topic, before my thyroid got sick

i have a weak thyroid since l'm in my 20s, i know because it is in my mother family. the doctor kept telling me to take it easy and all that gobbledigub and over the decades nothing changed. about 9 years ago i was very unwell, put on more weight than was normal. then i collapsed for some unknown reason and the doctors then looked deeper. one very nice one, after a bloodtest told me, that i needed thyroid bloodwork done and come back for it!

of course i did'nt! the thyroid for me, at that time was just an ordinary organ like the apendix!!

i was send to see an dietician, becourse my weight just ballooned out of orbit. of course it was my fault for eating too much and not exercising, so i was tolt.

please.....i had 5 jobs!!!

anyway my dietician desided i had hypoglycemia. i tried to do what i was told, but it did'nt feel right, and did'nt. help.

at last i was diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroid and i never felt right again.

on the 4th i see a new doctor (the old one quit) and then i will put in here, my last two bloodtests.

i am on 50mcg levo (oroxine)

and 10mcg lio (tertroxin)

i selfmedicate 20 mcg lio because we found out in here that i was undermedicated.

my t4 is not turning into t3 (rt3 is ~450.)

just wanted to let newcomers know how hard it is to get the right help.

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  • Are you gluten/casein free? Just checking as you say you have Hashimotos.

  • @katepots, no, sadly i am not on the thyroid diet. i'm still in denile, even 9 years later!! glutenfree will be easy with paleo, but milk?? it will be hard.

    i try to get my antybodies in line and go from there. x

  • The trouble is you won't get your antibodies in line eating gluten as it's that causing the inflammation.

    Gluten/casein look like the thyroid to the body (molecular mimmickry)

    Which is why when the body sees gluten/casein as an invader aswith Hashimotos it attacks your thyroid.

    Herbal teas, better for you.

    Almond milk is yummy.

    Goats cheese instead of cows cheese.

    Gluten free pastry is good so pies etc are still ok!!

    Once you get sorted you with the gluten free supplements you can pretty much eat as normal.

    At least give gluten free a go for a month, you may feel heaps better and extra weight will drop off!

    Paleo, spot on :)

  • @katepots, thanks for the clear advice. i will go back to paleo as soon i as i wrap my mind around it again. hubby and i lost some weight on it. i didnt feel better, but then again, i had milk products galore! x

  • When I first tried gluten free, I felt the difference in three days. It's worth three days for anyone to try it to see the difference.

  • @bonnie, i will try it again, gluten and patato free, just have to find the right mind set, and stick to it. are you still gluten free?

    hart for me with a husband who has problems living without bread. but we will do it soon. x

  • It hard for me to stay totally gluten free but when I feel myself getting bad I restrict myself again. There are more and more gluten free products available which helps. And I found a gluten free bakery a couple of towns over that is excellent. I treat myself there once in a while. When I add more fruits and vegetables, it's easier. Plus it's just me at home. I wish you the best.

  • thanks bonnie.

  • I am gluten free as I also am a coeliac but nothing improved until I was diagnosed hypo and put on NDT.

    Even my coeliac and especially my DH is improving all the time.

    My hubby eats a normal diet as no health issues. He has his normal wheat based bread and food. I eat gluten free and he sometimes eats my food ... the things he likes.

    All our other food is gluten free.

    When we have pasta I have two pots, one for his one for me.

    Toast I do mine first in BBQ wrap first then I do his normally.

    We are travelling around Australia so now I have one toaster whèn we had our house I had two.

    It just takes a bit of organizing but it gets really easy.

    Our diet is very healthy anyway as mostly fresh food with loads of vegies and protein.

    It works for us. I just separate our food if need be in the oven etc.

  • What is the Paleo diet? thank you

  • Thank you

  • maybe, helen, there is something in the daily food we are eating, that is making us unwell. going paleo and gluten free with all organic might be the first step in feeling better and getting better. i lost some weight when i first tried paleo, but then christmas came around and we were camping.......i lost track of paleo food 😕

    i will start again as soon as it clicks in again and i get the energy, nerves and willpower to start again

    read up on it and you will find that it helped a lot of people.

    you don't have to stick to the all expensive organic food all the time, just find a balance and stay away from ready made meals!! cooking your own is the trick, so you know you don't get all the nasties the food industrie is poision us with. somtimes the meals are blant but in time the tastebuds adjust. xx

  • Thanks I will read up on it

  • My rule for buying any product .... the fewer the ingredients the better. Example: hommus needs 3 ingredients or 4 if garlic. So many have heaps and I only buy the product that has oil olive and never canola oil.

    We are bombarded with additives in our food that replicate taste and make it cheaper to produce.

  • Gluten free is relatively easy and makes the biggest difference IMO. Dairy free is much harder and if in ignorance you substitute with soya you can do yourself more harm, so just wanted to warn you not to go that route. I found that switching from regular milk to organic non-homogenised milk in bottles from the milkman plus organic milk and cheese from Rachel's and Waitrose made a big difference to me if you don't want to go whole hog. There are far fewer pathogens and chemicals in organic dairy.

  • thanks healthseeker, i feel sick eating soja yogurt or drinking the milk, dont like the feeling! so, no worries there.

    and on paleo i bought the organic milk, will do that again, thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  • well that is not off topic is it, totally on topic-- I hope someone helps with the rt3, I think dr peatfields book might help there

  • @bluepettals,

    i came across the page the dietitian gave me, she did'nt even checked the bloodtest results from the doctor (same medical centre) to see that the numbers are off!!

    i know everthing a better now. that is the reason while i hope some newbies read it and push the doctor harder for the right test and follow up what the doc is saying!

    i got the r3 tabs because of the high reading of the rt3 and my under medication came, becourse i forgot to take the t4 as a double dose for two days. just forgot!! as we all forget new things from time to time!!

    my new bloodtest will show how i go with my choice of tabletts. 1x50 mcg t4

    . 2x20mcg. t3

    i'll check out the book of dr peatfield. x

  • I thought the doctor had used the word " gobbledigub" lol I changed my reply!!!! How are you today? X

  • na i said gobbledigub, becourse they talk a lot that passes by from what we say and never really answer our questions.

    i feel as always, confused, diorientated in my daily housework, unmotivated, name it i only wished i had the willpower to walk my old and sick dog.....but i hardly make it once a week... x

  • Aw that's a shame you feel so bad !! Have you posted your blood results on here and had all your vitamins checked? I take b12, iron, magnesium, selenium , vit K, vitb and vit c and I stopped my ppi for stomach so that I can absorb all of these.

  • yes dreamer i have put my bloodresults in here and I'm awaiting new results.

    i take all the above vit and drink kefir. take the viamines 4 h after the thyroid meds.

    im doing everything we talk about in here, exept the gluten free or the AIP diet. that is next on the agenda. x

  • oh good mojas I thought you were still suffering- I am really stressed with otherstuff at the moment and doingdaft things you take care ok

  • thake care bluepettals, don't stress too much! i live in my owe little world most days and stress out very easy. it doesn't help to get better. xo

  • Hi mojas

    Sorry you had to go through so much before finally getting diagnosed. GPs appear to be ignoring people until they become extremely unwell.. I like you collapsed at the doctors surgery and now I self treat. It a shocking situation and mainly women that are affected. I hope you are feeling better. I am slowly getting better but it's hard some days as you will know. Take care xx

  • thanks dreamer,

    yes, it is a long way to get better for some of us.

    hope you get there, don't give up! x

  • Thanks Mojas

    Thanks for sharing your story .. I have been getting lots of tests but nothing been found because it's the thyroid!! Keep posting how you are and no I won't give up. This is a great site and lots of folk to give good advice. Have a good day xxx

  • Dreamer12 , yes i feel really save with the information here and the help given. just knowing there is someone out there, talking to you, with the same problems and no quality of life.

    my day is over, i live in australia. xo

  • Some of us can't turn T4 into T3 - because of the lack of digestive enzymes. A doctor here in the states told me that's how come the natural thyroid like nature thyoid or armor thyroid - that's how come it doesn't work for some people. Find a good digestive enzyme and the people here at help unlocked have a Lot of good sources I found one from here. It comes from baseline nutrition. It's a wonderful supplement and really helps in all kinds of ways. Unlocks energy like you wouldn't believe!

  • thanks dtate, i didnt know, that that is why my t3 is not in the blood. for enzymes, i try to have some raw vegies with my dinner, i read that it makes the enzymes. but then most times i did not! i will look up a supplement for it, that is saver, then relaying on myself, to remember to put a raw carott on my plate! 😏

  • Please look at re going on Natural Desiccated Thyroud Hirmune to get both the needed t3 and t4. Sounds like you may have adrenal issues too. Please check that site.

  • thank you jmay to take an interrest in my dilemma.

    i know about the t3 and that my body is not turning the t4 oroxine into the needed t3. that is why i had to take the lio. im waiting to get the results from the last bloodtest. then i will ask for the bigger test who includes the antibodies.

    i hope as soon as i get myself into paleo and glutenfree, that the adrenals are getting in better shape.

    i tried to read 'stopthethyroidmadness' but for me eveything in there is information overload. i read and forget what i just read straight away, becourse i dont understand anything in there!

    my mind can not digest the information.

    i totally realy what i get explained in this forum. 💐 x

  • Hi Mojas

    My adrenals were part of the problem and doc said at one stage from the blood tests that they were very confused. My original cortisol reading was 938 which was 338 over the top reading in the range of 600.

    Getting near to selling the house so I can then spend more time on research.

    I had a very bad slide back in January due tò other health issues and terrible reflux etc.

    I am now on a powder call Gut Relief that has slippery elm, glutamine and prebiotics. Has worked wonders and I also take a probiotic in tablet form as I do not tolerate yoghurts very well. I only buy the gluten free pot set yoghurts anyway.

  • Hi I am also on 50 levo and 10 liothyronine. My endo told me I would notice instantly if the lio was having an effect. It hasn't helped at all. I feel weak and exhausted all the time coupled with the feelings of adrenaline like when you are frightened. It happens at any time of day for no apparent reason and is very disconcerting. The least bit of exercise knocks me for six. I just want to have normal energy levels so I can do my housework and enjoy my grandkids. Have had underactive since my 20s too.

  • @ helen

    i think what we feel and not feel is way more complicated than some of us in here. i am 65 now and must have a weak thyroid since my mid 20th until she collapsed 8-10 years ago. it all happned at once and hasn't changed much. like you, i get times of angst and if that happned in the morning, i can't fall back to sleep. during the day....i just give up on everything and play numbness games on the ipad. i can't write anything usefull or talk in a "make sense" manner! i love seeing visitors leave and my dog is waiting forever to been taking for a walk. my negative feelings annoy even me!

    i now take vit c as an new extra and hope i feel some change soon.

    hang in there helen it has to get better one day!!!

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