How much weight in general have people put on due to thyroid issues?

This is an enquiry as to an average of how much weight folk have put on (Hypothyroid/Hashimotos) I was always really reasonably slim.....I never got to above 10 stone 4. Varied from 9stone to 10.6 all the time before I started feeling really rubbish with thyroid. This includes the fact that I had Fibromyalgia all the time I was this weight range and I didnt put any more on at all.....even at times I was not as active I didnt.

Now since I started feeling wrong I crept up from 10 stone 6 to right up to two pounds away from 14 it cant be right that it coincides with feeling the thyroid symtoms....and I felt like this until my TSH went up to 5.5 and then they decide to medicate me.

I thought you were only supposed to gain like a stone or summit cos of thyroid.....I am having my cortisol tested but I dunno......It makes me sooooooo it doesnt help anything health wise......I was always the slim one in my family and now this! Eeek....just depressing and very bad to be this heavy as only 5 foot 5....just about.....

Anybody else have this prob since thyroid.??

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  • i was always about 10 1/2 stone until diagnosed now gone up to 13 1/2 stone and nothing shifts it :(

  • same....but we gotta keep trying :) Its flippen hard.

  • Hi Anuba.......I know the feeling about weight gain.

    I have gained 3 stone but am taller at 5 feet 8 inches.

    I've given up bread ,cakes,biscuits pastry and potatos and have only lost 2 lbs.

    Ice cream has to go too........not that it's an everyday thing.

    I am going to have to get very very strict with myself .I am officially on T4/T3 combo but have been trying Armour thyroid to replace my T4.probably need a higher dose and will ask my Endo on Monday.I need to lose weight in order to be more active

    My weight gain is my next big thing to target,now that I am feeling much better in myself.

    If anyone has suggestions to help you,I am interested too.

  • Its annoying huh but yeah sounds like you are in a better place now to tackle it - goodluck!

  • Thanks Anuba......have just been gathering my notes for my Endo visit tomorrow so I will see what this visit brings!!

    I wish you well.

  • I went from a size 10 bottom 12 top to a 16 bottom and an 18 top!!!! I never weigh myself, I never have and certainly do not want to know now. My clothes tell me all I need to know sadly.

    I have lost weight recently by going G/F and giving up bread,pasta, white rice, sweet foods and keeping the food I eat as nature intended!

  • Is frustrating huh.....have you checked your cortisol as that can make you top heavy - my tummy is really big and it used to be the slimmest part of me. Goodluck

  • I have always been top heavy even when small, so sadly just my shape but the rest is in proportion...Great when I was small but with a larger bust it can make you look even bigger!! But at least the weight is coming off which I previously had not been able to shake, but ditching all the white foods has been a great help.

    Such a shame that its a symptom of this illness...Good luck to you also...:-)

  • 4 stone :(

  • do you think it is your meds that arent helping you lose at all? I think that when I find the right meds it will help.

  • I have put on 3 stone. It has fluctuated when I have tried to diet but always goes back on when I eat normally. At the moment I am going to Aqua Fit 3 days a week and the gym for one day and eating as healthily as I can but I am not dieting any more. I was originally 10 1/2 stone before started on thyroxine but now I am touching on 13 stone.

  • sounds like alot of people are in same position as me....its strange huh! Goodluck babe.

  • I have put on 6 stone ...and totally depressed about it :( Nothing and I mean nothing shifts it..

  • Have you thot about changing meds....?

  • 9 stone.

    It's taken 15 years before my current doctor now listens to me.

  • Wow thats a long time to should change your doc! What is wrong with them.

  • Well I lived all over London for 8 years and had various doctors and then moved to Sweden and for the first 6 years had various doctors at a local clinic- then I moved to a private doc in November. I say "private" as that is what his practice is classed as but you pay the same amount as going to see a regular doc.

    For years I had told my docs that I don't think the meds are working and I still feel unwell.

    I had two periods where my weight shot up- one was 35kg in a matter of months and then a couple of years later 25kgs in again a few months. I was exercising like a demon. Often double gym classes with NO RESULT :-(

    I didn't help myself during this time as I was talking a lot of soya products in the form of milk and protein shakes (herbalife etc) which now I know is a huge mistake. However in London when I went up the first 35kg I was not taking any soya- that was only when I moved to Sweden.

    I was on 275mgc levo until earlier this year but my T3 results were still low. So finally after all this time my current doc declared that yes I do not convert to T3 well naturally and through the levo only so he has prescribed T3 in combination with a lower T4 dose.

    Now starts the immense journey in front of me of finding my optimal dose of T4 and T3 so that I can finally see results from working out. :-)

    I am just happy that one doctor finally listened to me and worked out what was wrong. I will say that the information gained from the members here helped me talk to him in a way that he knew I was serious and he then took it seriously. Maybe without the info I had to give him things might still be going around in circles.... I will never know!

  • Sounds like you are on the right path! I take armour - t3/t4 combo. Hope you find your sweetspot. good luck.

  • I was always skinny pre-hypo. Around 8 stone at 5'6". I got up to 15st6. I have managed to get back down to 14st9 now I'm on t3 only but it is a very slow process! A good level of vitamin D is essential for me to lose weight, as is iron and B12.

    I should also mention that I am very active and pretty fit despite being obese. Even all the activity (mainly karate) doesn't shift it easily.

    Carolyn x

  • I hear you! Its real upsetting if you were a normal weight before and now noone understands how hard we try to lose it but it wont budge....goodluck..

  • Hi, I also put on weight and couldn't seem to shift it. When I found out I was hypothyroid I decided to go gluten free. This didnt help at all and still felt tired. So I tried to implement some tips from the Paleo Diet. I gave up all pastas, bread, white rice and all sweet sugary things,I don't eat any junk food at all, week days replaced my breakfast with a fruit smoothie made of just fruits with maybe coconut water or milk.

    I cut drinking out too, so I allow myself only at the weekend to have a naughty thing or 2 such as Ice cream or cake as also allowed to have a glass or 2 of wine.

    Most of my diet consists of salada or cooked veg also eat meet. I do still eat potatoes but possibly eventually give that up replace it with sweet patatoe. Anyway from doing this in 4 weeks I have lost 1/2 stone and have to say feel much better. I walk most places but I did that before anyway but being active does help. But the main thing that has helped has been my diet and it stopped me feeling sluggish changing my way of eating and I also buy mainly organic where possible.

    Hope this helps.

  • Well done.....Im glad you feeling a bit better.....I try to eat all wholemeal and that but sometimes you get down if you are dieting for ages and dont lose anything and then get a bit lax....well I do anyhow....goodluck you are doing great.

  • I, like you was a rock-steady 9st 6lbs-10st 4lbs (depending where I was in my cycle) for most of my adult life during which I had four children and my own art business, right up until the time I hit 50... Then I went through the menopause, my thyroid decided to attack itself (Hashi's) and I stopped smoking and I swear I am carrying an extra stone for each of these events. To be fair, I did manage to lose about 7lbs after starting T3 just over 3 years ago now, but that seems to have plateaued out now at 12st 8lbs... I don't follow any special diets and my weight seems to have settled on where it is now, neither going down nor (thankfully) up.

  • At least you are maintaining frustrating tho and I hear ya!

  • I stopped weighing myself when I hit a gain of 8 stones. That was on T4 only, followed by T4+T3, followed by NDT. I just kept packing it on!

    Then I decided to self-treat on T3 only and to increase my dose until I felt better and not just until my blood tests said I ought to feel better. For a while that was a very high dose. Now it's much lower but more than my GP thinks it should be! My TSH is well suppressed and my FT3 is a bit over-range. But that's where I need it to be.

    Just taking T3 is not going to make you lose weight, it has to be enough T3 for you. I have lost about 6 stones in about 2/3 years, without any dieting (don't eat much anyway, but I eat what I like) and 'exercise' is a dirty word in my house!

    I did have one endo who told me that when hypo one should only put on 4 kilos (about 9lbs) not a gram less or a gram more. He then went on to talk about x number of servings of ice cream multiplied by x number of years plus... I don't eat ice cream! lol But he couldn't explain where that number 4 (kilos) came from or how he arrived at it. So just ignore all this 'should' put on or 'shouldn't' do that. We're all different and hypo affects us all in different ways.

    You'll lose weight when you get a high enough level of T3, I'm sure.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Very interesting....I have been considering this too.....doing t3 only....can I ask how much you take a day and do you have to come off t4 first before you start.....yeah I agree doctors dont take into account everyone is different....and some people have other illnesses on top of it like I have Fibromyalgia. Keep up the great work and am glad you are getting weight loss for your health.

  • At the moment I am taking 100 mcg of T3. But there's no guarantee that that is my final dose. It may go up, it may go down. Dépends.

    I came off the T4 long before I started T3 only. As I said, I was on T4 only - for years - then T4 + T3; then NDT, and then T3 only.

    Synthetic T4 definately doesn't agree with me. It make my hair-loss worse, made me tired and depressed - things I wasn't before taking it, although I did lose a little weight with it. So, I wanted to get rid of that completely. Plus I wasn't converting it. NDT didn't suit me, either, I put on a lot of weight with that, even at 6 grains. So, the only alternative was T3 only.

    I know I did have adrenal fatigue, but I've treated that and don't believe I have it anymore. My iron is high and I'm supplementing the Bs, D3, selenium and magnesium. So it really was just that T4 doesn't suit me.

  • Hi

    5'6 was a 130lb women then up to 142lbs...though well age....then before I knew it ...and before I knew I had Hashi's 186lbs. Put on meds first an over dose lost like 15 lbs in about 3 weeks. And so been trying to get the dose right........ for over a year and 1/2......I am now and seem to be stuck at 160-162........what a mess......Anyway still have hope of losing and getting back to walking since my muscles have been messed up a bit. It's hard........ and clothes trying to look decent.....Okay enough thats my story! xo Susita

  • what dose and which thyroid meds did they start you ? what are you taking now?

  • They started me on 137 of levo....Long story short now I am on 100 of synthroid. He told me the levo just was not working for me. This is the over a year and a half. My levels for the first time 2x in a row he said are stable. I am getting another blood test friday.

  • 3 stone. I'm 5'3" and 13 stone. The minute I come off a diet the weight goes straight back on. So I've stopped dieting and buy bigger clothes. Life's too short to exist on a lettuce leaf!

  • As I haven't felt good on the last two weeks, I haven't eaten much. A juice or strawberries and that is it. Lost only 1kg. My BMI is 28 and I exercise daily besides walking 4miles a day spinning sessions at the gym and at least 3yoga classes a week. Feel hopeless some days.

  • 5'8" and 8.5 stone was my normal weight. I went up to 12 stones on levothyroxine so 3.5 stone weight gain. I am down to 10 stone after c5 months on NDT but seem stuck at 10 now, although I eat very little. I also cut out wheat from my diet and that has helped. I exercise like a maniac 100 miles cycling a week, running and hours of digging on my allotment - NDT has given me back a lot of energy

  • Try gluten free x

  • what is NDT? Is that armour thyroid? or something else?

  • It is natural dessicated thyroid that is usually derived from pigs but can be got from cattle for those that have a taboo on eating pig products.

    Armour is one make. I take ThyroidS which is another make of porcine dessicated thyroid. Hope that clarifies things

  • Hi I was Always about 13St which suited me, as I was fit and the weight was mainly muscle. Now after 8 years struggling with ME, and desperately trying to get Drs to acknowledge my stupid thyroid I am now 19.5St!! which is really difficult to live with. Im only 5'6 so now a size 24. I always thought I was fat at 16/18 but how wrong was I. Would love to be that again. x

  • I've been more or less gluten free for about 10 days and lost (I think) 5 lbs. Maybe 7. I've put on 2 stone in the past 3 year, I'm 5'2" and haven't really eaten any differently. I've also started taking my levo at night, taking iron, B12 and Vit D in the morning. If this carries on, I'll be happy!

  • I also currently weigh 10 stone 6lbs and am 5ft 5 inches. I am currently on Armour. What do you toake?

  • The day before my first baby was born, I weighed 9st 5lbs. Pre-pregnancy I was about 8 stone and I stayed like that until my mid 40s. In January 2003, I weighed 9 stone. I tried to lose half a stone, but it wouldn't shift. In 2004 I had a seriously stressful episode and dropped to about 8 stone 7lbs. My weight then gradually increased until by 2009 I was just over 10 stone. In 2010 I was put on T3 only. In the first six months I lost weight without trying and in May 2011 I weighed 9 stone 3 lbs. By August 2011 I was 10 stone 6 lbs! By January 2012 I was over 11 stone and by January 2013 I was 12 stone. I had come off the T3 in November 2012 and strangely enough the weight gain slowed down at that point, even though I was then unmedicated.

    I started levo in June 2013 and by Christmas weighed 10 stone 4 lbs, which has now remained stable.

    As a previously slim and active person whose eating habits had not changed and whose exercise levels were good, the weight gain was extremely distressing for me. What was possibly more distressing was that none of the endos I saw, nor my GP, not an NHS dietitian were able to offer any suggestions as to what was causing this or what I should do!

  • Im 4 stone heavier my doc will not prescribe T3. Any advice appreciated

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