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Hi my names Angela. I'm 50years old I have underactive thyroid and I am on 200mg of Levothyroxine a day. I am feeling so ill. Not sure if there's perrimenopause mixed in also. All my GP offers is antidepressants. I've been seeing a Endocrinologist at Sheffield Hosp but I'm not impressed so I'm looking for another Endocrinologist one who I can see private and who dosnt just test TSH and maybe trial me on T3. I can't take another 10years of feeling so ill. Anxiety, dry mouth, pulse racing, and just generally feeling so unwell and very frightened. Sheffield , Wakefield, Leeds or Manchester areas are all good for me if anyone can recommend. Thankyou

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  • AngelaC66,

    You can order your own thyroid tests including FT3 via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

    Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of member recommended endos. Check with their offices whether T3 is prescribed before you confirm an appointment.

    28 x 20mcg will cost £258+ with a private prescription. It will be vastly cheaper to buy T3 online instead.

  • Thankyou very much for this info. I will email her now. Much appreciated

  • Do you find sometimes your gasping for air you just don't seem to be able till fill your lungs that happened to me when they increased my levothyroxine I was left shaking my whole body felt like I'd been hit by a freight train my meds were put up too 225 from 200 now I'm back down feeling exhausted and foggy mind what do you do ? There isn't a lesser evil either is just as bad as the other, I can't even be bothered seeing the doctor anymore they just havnt a clue !! When is something going to be done about this atrocity that they reign on us, I always thought if it was more a man's disease than a women's there would be a lot more done about it especially when it affects your sex life too !! This condition has cost me jobs/relationships / friends no one understands how you feel there is such a long list of debilitating problems and since your only allowed to tell your doctor one problem at a time at your appointment we have no chance do we !! Yours TOTALY PxxxED OFF

  • Hi Jackie Thankyou for the message. I was on 225 and just been told by end o through a letter that my TSH is 0.11 so drop down to 200. No idea what any of the other levels were coz he seems to keep them to himself!!! That's if they tested for the others!!! I have really been struggling with my breathing. And just like you said I felt as though I couldn't breath right into the bottom of my lungs. I have paid for a Personal Trainer coz I've had enough of feeling so unhealthy and been so overweight. I had to postpone first week because I couldn't breath I was really struggling. My go put me on STEROIDS AGAIN for 6 days. Told me then to have a spirometry in about 7 weeks. But sounds like it's all down to thyroid meds. I've had to now postpone PT until further notice because I feel so ill

  • You have a right under the Data Protection Act for your blood test results ,they may charge for printed copy but you can always copy the results on the screen making sure you get the ranges shown in brackets.

  • Thanku Treepie

  • Hi Angela don't even bother with the n.h.s referral to see endocrinologist they are just as bad as gp I waited six months really excited what a disappointment he did all sorts of tests wouldn't do the T3 test told me to come back after doing a 24 hour urine test which I brought back !! They must have lost it or threw it as they said I didn't bring it back and he signed me off as being a bit neurotic and advised my doctor to prescribe antidepressants !! " what a wanker he was !!! Another thing he said adrenaline deficiency was not an illness thought he had come straight from primary school also I noticed in the waiting room all his patients overweight l. So if you have any money go private that's my advice !!#

  • Thanks Jackie for reply. It kinda made me laugh too some of the wording

  • Have PM'd you

  • What does that mean I have pm,d you ?

  • That was my reply to Angela 8 days ago! Somehow your post came between it but don't understand how you managed that!

  • Angela. You need your full blood panel. Post them here and you will get help with interpretation. Your doc must test TSH. Free T4. Free T3. Vit. D. Vit. B12. Ferratine. Folate and anti-bodies. You may have to insist. Be strong! :-)

  • I'm seeing my GP tomorrow Steviecat and I'm going to insist I want these testing. Failing that I will at private. Thankyou

  • Got the blood tests come for private tests. Just waiting until after this bank holiday 😀

  • Saw Gp wasn't happy with her whatsoever but she did test my TSH ONLY AGAIN. The result back is 0.76 (range 0.2 - 4.0) she's reported Normal no further action!!!

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