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Looking for nutritionist / endocrinologist?


I am in London and looking for a nutritionist/endocrinologist who specialises in autoimmune disorders and an understanding of adrenal fatigue and leaky gut symptoms? I've not had great luck with doctors, so I thought maybe someone found someone they can recommend? I guess it is worth asking here, as I have read alot of people have struggled to get diagnosed for years like me x

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I've used Gillian Hamer for gut, adrenals and she was good. You can find her via Google. Good luck.

Glaciera in reply to userotc

Thank you, I’ll check her out ☺️


Have you got the list of recommended thyroid specialists from Thyroid UK? There is at least one nutritionist on the list.

please email Dionne


I am going to see a nutritionist called Tanya Borowski who I have heard great things about. She practices in London and Sussex. Look her up. It took me about 6 months to get an appointment though!!

Glaciera in reply to puffyface

Ooh 😮 6 months is her waiting list? Wow I’ll check her out, but not sure if I can wait that long 😔

london81 in reply to puffyface

hello! Can I ask how you got on with Tanya? heard her on podcast and hoping she could help me and family member. private message if more appropriate.many thanks

Hi, I’ve recently been seeing Alex Manos at the London Clinic of Nutrition - just off Harley Street.

I will say that he is expensive, but the knowledge you gain is absolutely amazing.

I have Hashi’s and I’ve been working with him on getting to the bottom of the root cause, and then following a natural supplement program to get back to feeling normal again. He’s always just an email away as well in case you have any specific questions.

Definitely worth an enquiry.


Glaciera in reply to JackS7

Thank you! I’ll check him out 🤞🏻

Jane Davis of kentnutritionclinic.co.uk/


you might find something on here?

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