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Looking for an endocrinologist anywhere in England

Hi, I am new here, so let me introduce myself. Officially diagnosed as hypothyroid in March 2012, and on 100 mg Levothyroxine since then, but most of hypothyroid symptoms are not going away. Although when looking at my old results I think something wrong has been going on for years....

After a lot of research, I went gluten-free last September which made a difference, but my GP asked me to eat gluten for 6 weeks again so we can do the tests for celiac/gluten intolerance (3 more weeks left, and I know that whatever the results I will not touch gluten ever again!).

After a lot of struggle with my GP, she has finally agreed to refer me to an endocrinologist. I have no idea who I should go to, as I know it might be a waste of time with some of them. Although I am based in Cheshire, I am willing to travel far. Can someone recommend an endo that looks at the person and the symptoms, not at the numbers.

Replies via Private Messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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E-mail Louise to ask for a list of Endos.


I did, thank you :-)

If anyone has any recommendations (also where not to go) please send me a private message.


Agik, welcome to the forum.

Email for a list of recommended endos. Members who have recommendations will reply to you via private messages.


Thanks :-)


Hi I will send you a PM.



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