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Levels ok? TSH 4.14, Free T4 11.1, Free T3 4.2

Hi. I haven't posted here before. My background is Graves disease 12 years ago (treated successfully with carbimazole) and pernicious anaemia diagnosed 2 years ago which is treated with B12 injections.

I've just had my annual blood tests at the GP and I'm happy that everything relating to my B12 deficiency is fine (ie folate, ferritin, potassium and MCV). My vitamin D level also looks good.

However, my thyroid results look a bit suspect to me and I'd welcome your expert opinion as to whether they are good enough or not.

TSH 4.14 (.35-5)

Free T4 11.1 (9-22)

Free T3 4.2 (2.6-5.7)

I'm feeling generally ok, if not great. Maybe more tired than I should be (hard to judge as I'm getting older and life is busy so who's to say what's normal). Also, often cold and finally, if I go cycling my legs take days longer than I'd expect to recover.

Can you recommend anything I can do to naturally boost my thyroid function. Or does the highish in range T3 indicate that all is ok?

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum, JanD35.

Are you still taking Carbimazole or did you have radioactive iodine to ablate your thyroid gland?


Hi. Neither. I took carbimazole for about 18 months and when I came off it my thyroid levels had settled down ok. So that was over 10 years ago.

For the last few years my TSH has been occasionally 2 but usually 3 and my T4 around 13 so this years results seem a bit worse.



Looks like hyperthyroidism burned your thyroid out because you are close to becoming hypothyroid now. NHS won't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is over range ie >5.0 or FT4 is below 9.0.

Arrange your next thyroid test early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) because TSH drops after eating and drinking.

In the meantime try supplementing 200mcg. I would suggest supplementing NutriThyroid too but there is none available due to a distribution problem.

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Looks like you may be sliding into hypothyroidism. I have Graves, went into remission, levels started dropping, antibodies positive for Hashimoto. Im now on Levo.

Are your other results optimal? If only 'fine' or 'ok' they may need to be increased so that T4 will convert well to T3.

Selenium 200mcg daily may help with conversion too.

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