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Free T3 & T4 results, doc appointment


I have finally been tested for FREE T3 & T4 (after my doc tested for T3, T4, TSH last time and said everthing was 'fine' - despite the fact I feel ANYTHING but fine.)

I just wanted to ask what he/I should be looking for when interpreting the results. These bloods were only requested after he emailed an endocrinologist because he wasn't sure what else to do, so I'm not wholely confident in his ability to interpret them correctly and want to go armed with some knowledge myself - is that fair?!

Last time I was also tested for ferritin, b12, blood count, progesterone and several other things to try and get an explaination for the multiple symptoms I'm still having - but apparently they were all 'fine'.

I'm so desperate for some answers, I feel worse every week with more and more symptoms and I KNOW there is something out of whack with my body. I know it's not hard and fast that it is related to my thyroid, but all of these symtoms have only appeared since I was diagnosed Hypothyroid about a year ago, and seem to have been getting continually worse, despite my bloods being apparently normal (currently on 125mg Levo)

I want to ask for a copy of the blood results too, but I'm not sure how they'll take it. Is it ok to ask?

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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Hi Katacharin

We are entitled to copies of our blood test results. They cannot refuse but some surgeries ask for a nominal sum to cover ink/paper but mine doesn't charge. We should always get copies for our own records and so that you can post them if you have a query. You must ensure they have the ranges quoted as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment. So about 3 days after your test ask the surgery for a copy.

Members will make comments about your blood test results. When you have a blood test for the thyroid gland do not take your medication before it, take it afterwards. If you take your medication at night miss this dose and take after test. The test should be as early as possible.

The blood test results are within a reference range and the word 'normal' should really not be used by the GP. Particularly if the patient is still complaining or developing more symptoms since being on medication. The aim of thyroid hormones is to make the patient free of clinical symptoms and well. They are then apt to give us 'other' medications to treat the symptoms rather than a decent thyroid hormone replacement.

PS. If you could add a bit of medical history to your Profile it helps if members would like a little background info before they answer your question.


Thank you, I have added more info to my profile. And I will ask about having copies of my blood test results when I go to the doctors next week.

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Katacharin, there's nothing on your profile. Remember to Save your info.




Remember to ask for all of your results since you have been diagnosed and not just the last lot.


Hi don't be surprised if the lab refuse to test for FT3 and FT4 and only test basic TSH and T4. My GP asked for T3 to be tested and the lab refused despite requesting it on the slip. My GP was told he did not have the authority to request T3.

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Wow, I went to see the doctor yesterday and you were right, the lab has refused to do the test!! And thrown my sample away. Well the doctor (thankfully) was quite determined that I get tested for the Free T3 and has ordered another test. He said he would insist that the lab do it this time.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but I feel like he's at least taking it seriously and not just going "oh everything's fine".


You must feel so frustrated. You really get your hopes up and think yes I could soon be on the road to recovery, I am getting the medical help I need and then your hopes are dashed.

2 years ago I had T3 and T4 tested by GP was not a problem. About 8 months ago, I visit an Endo that is in another county and she suggested have blood tests carried out at GP surgery, it saves on the travelling. She asked for TSH, T4 and T3. I handed the slip into GP and I queried the nurse as to what was actually being tested prior to the blood being drawn. We only test TSH she replied. I told her consultant wanted T4 and T3 tested also. Big hooha she had to go and check etc and she wrote on the slip what was required and when it came back T4 and TSH results were the only ones given. When GP enquired he was informed he did not have the authority to request T3 testing. The only reason why my T4 had been tested was because my TSH was way over the recommended limit. It looks like my practice can only test for TSH. Luckily I am under an Endo, and I just have all my blood tests carried out at the hospital now.

This is something else that appears to have been sneaked in the back door. The Endo did not know that my GP was only allowed to test for TSH.

Is your aim to trial T3? If it is, perhaps you could ask GP to let you try T3 and see how you feel on it. There is a cost implication as I was informed by my GP and he doesn't know how long he can carry on prescribing it.

Or you could ask for a referral to an Endocrinologist. The Endocrinologist that your GP asked advice from sounds as if he may be a bit more clued up about the thyroid by asking for FT3 and FT4 to be tested, he may be worth a visit. Good luck


Well done for persisting in asking for the tests. Make sure you get a print-out of ALL the results with ranges, including all those vit and mineral tests that were "fine". I'll bet some of them are low in range. You are entitled to them and they can't refuse although I believe they are allowed to make a small charge. Mine don't.

FT3 and FT4 should be high in range if you really are "ok". I'll bet they aren't. Have you had your thyroid antibodies measured?

Get all the results and post them here, then members can help you interpret them.

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