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Interpreting these levels

Hi, need help with my thyroid ranges. TSH 4.55 miu/L .25-5, Free T3 4.0 pmol (3.5-6.5), Free T4 11.3 pmol (9-23), Thyroglobulin 12.5 ug/L no range givin, Recovery of Thyroglobulin 105 % (75-115), Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies <15.0 kU/L (0-60). So how can I interrerpt this? Thanks! I know these are all in normal ranges, but what do they mean? lol Oh, I feel run down, tired all the time, brain fog,joint pain, muscle cramps and pain. I take supplements and vits. Thank you for any opinions you guys could give me.

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hi there i have had a under active thyroid for several years never really thought about i take 150mg of thyrocine . i am on b12 and folite but i thought this was for my anemia may be it is. i do have avery bad memory but i thought it was my age 65 soon. i have allways been very heavy over the obese range

.i went on a diet and lost 4stone now i have doubled that amount even more i am sure i allways get cold feet i have several illnesses so i cant tell i cant tell if its the other illnesses or my thyroid i think i am going to look it up .kind regards to you all corey10


yes results scream hypothyroid to all if us who know what we are talking about

sadly the NHS and GPs and Endos thanks to the BTA etc think otherwise

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TSH 4.55 miu/L (0.25-5.0)

Free T3 4.0 pmol (3.5-6.5)

Free T4 11.3 pmol (9-23)

I am assuming that you are not diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. A healthy person would have. TSH of about 2 or lower, and FT3 and FT4 around mid range or higher. Your TSH is too high, your FT3 and FT4 too low. You are well on your way to Hypothyroidism.


Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies <15.0 kU/L (0-60).

Your antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease. Are you in the UK? The NHS rarely does TPO and almost never does TG antibodies. You should really get TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase) antibodies tested as you can be negative for the one type but positive for the other.


I feel run down, tired all the time, brain fog,

^^ These can be symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

joint pain, muscle cramps and pain. I take supplements and vits.

^^ These can be indicative of low levels of vitamins and minerals. What supplements do you take? What vitamins and minerals have been tested and what were your levels?


Hi, thank you for your responds, I am not diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I am always told its in the normal range, even though i feel horrible. Ok, my long list of vits, supplements, Vit B complex take 2, Vit D take 2, probiotic, fish oil, multivit., 2 different supplements for thyroid health. Mag. energycore I take during midday to try and help get me thru the day. Days like today, I just crashed around 5, I just couldn't go on any longer. I just wish these drs would understand. My endo said I am depressed! I cried all the way home. Only Vit.D tested. Thanks!


keysgirls There are a couple of supplements that are useful generally but you should supplement specifically what you are deficient in so you should be tested for the following:




Plus TPO antibodies as your TG antibodies have been tested negative.

What was your Vit D level when tested and what are you taking for it?

When taking D3 it's important to take it's co-factors K2-MK7 and magnesium.

What is the 'thyroid health' supplement you are taking?

Multivitamins are a waste of time and money. They tend to contain not enough of anything to help and it's usually the wrong form and least bioavailable forms of ingredients.

What is 'Mag. energycore'?

Are you in the UK? If so, how come you're seeing an endo? I don't understand how an endo can think those thyroid results are acceptable when they clearly show you're heading towards Hypothyroidism


Yes, in the UK. West Suffolk county. I actually saw a private endo. I am not a part of NHS BC I am American living in UK for work purposes. Nutriferon for immune booster BC I get sick so much now. Lecithin, Vit.D3 was 50. I was told that should be higher from another group. BC I had papillary microcarcinoma. Sorry i abbr. Magnesium, engerycore is a natural energy booster to help get you thru the rest of the day. Ok, so maybe when i go back in June that i can request those. He is my only choice. I loved my rheumatologist that i saw. I am to the point that i am willing to pay to see a different endocrinologist. This has been going on since my surgery back in September. It's frustrating! Thanks for the help.


I usually end up at Cambridge, but this time for endocrinologist it was bury at.edmunds. Dr.john Clark is who I saw. I would love to see another one, cause this one said i am depressed! Ugh! Thank you again for your help!


I hadn't similar levels and symptoms and NHS refused to treat. After struggling to get through a working day and gaining 12kgs I decided to go private. I was immediately diagnosed as hypothyroid and put on levothyroxine which has resolved my symptoms. If you can possibly find the resources to go private, thyroid UK has a list of private doctors who have the right knowledge of the condition and are willing to treat. Go to their website and make an enquiry...


Ok, I need to do that. I saw a private endo, but he is also with NHS. So, that is why I think he isn't treating me. Nerve racking! Thanks!


That is so frustrating for you! My endo also works with the nhs but believes in trying the meds to see how the patient reacts. There are recommendations all over this forum for endos, it's probably worth switching doctors as that TSH is too high and you must be feeling rotten.


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