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Can't wait until I can get in with an Endocrinologist!

So, I went to my GP the other day because I'm still feeling tired for no reason, as well as waking up feeling like I haven't slept. So, I wanted a bunch of labs done up, which my GP did, however, he didn't do a Vit D, B-12, folate, selenium, magnesium, t3 or thyroid antibodies. Anyway, my TSH had gone up as I had suspected but it is still in the "Normal" range, (my tsh=4.12 & ref. range is 0.27-4.20) and my T4 free is 0.86ng/dl & the ref. range is 0.90-1.70ng/dl but apparently since I asked to be referred to a specialist, he didn't feel the need to adjust my Levothyroxine but told me to have the specialist take care of it. Which wouldn't be so bad, but the specialist that comes to our town is booked from now until the end of June and of course the clinic doesn't have his new schedule for July or beyond. Grrr ... So I emailed my GP back and asked if he could do an outside referral for me to the Mayo Clinic so I can get in with someone sooner because I didn't want to wait until July to possible have my med dose changed!! So I'm hoping to hear from someone soon.

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Why will he not increase your meds? That range is 'normal' for euthyroid people. When on treatment your tsh should be closer to the bottom end of the range.


Idk, because he's stupid I guess Lol ... I'm just hoping I can get set up to see an endocrinologist soon!! Otherwise I'll increase my own damn dose! Lol


My alkaline phosphatase level is also low, so I'm either malnourished & am deficient in zinc, magnesium, & protein, or it's because of the hypothyroid. I'm just tired of feeling tired all the time!!!


rvogel, I cannot see any reason why you should not increase your Thyroxene dose on your own. You can start with a tiny increase every other day, then take that extra every day. Stop if you get to a dose which makes you feel jittery and drop back to your previous dose. A TSH of 4.12 would be hypothyroidic for most people. For me I hit hypo at 1.2, but that may be irrelevant re your situation. Many of us are DIY for optimal dosing because of incomplete education of our endocrinologists, welcome to the club. Monitor your own levels using True Health Labs (based in Georgia and operates over the internet - about $255 per full thyroid panel). That's what I do, measure my levels, consider how I feel then adjust dose if necessary, then measure again.

I do understand however that it is scary going it alone, it would be great if we had an enthusiastic, knowledgeable medic at our sides but that is rarer than hen's teeth. The trick to self dosing is to start low (you are already at that level) and increase very slowly, paying attention to how you feel as you go. In the beginning be generous with the blood tests, when you understand exactly what you need you will not need expensive blood tests very often.


LAHs, Thanks for the info!! I've been doing a lot of research online as well and between that and the ppl on here who have been so helpful, I'm learning a lot!! My GP didn't think it was necessary to do a TPO antibodies test, even tho I'm the one paying for it and especially when I have 3 immediate family members who are autoimmune with one of them having hypothyroidism! Ticked me off, and that's when I asked for a referral to a specialist. So I got into Mayo clinic this last Friday, and he did an ultrasound of my thyroid area, and thankfully so far, my thyroid is basically normal size yet; altho the left side is a little smaller he said. Not sure what that means or if its bad. He didn't seem too concerned with it. Plus he basically said that I was subclinical because my TSH was only 4.12, but from what I've read, to be subclinical, that would mean that my T4 would have to be in the normal range and it's not, its low. Also, he said that he believes that I have Hashimoto's, which I believe he's right since my antibodies test came back at 70.8 and the normal range is less than 9.0! So, it was not much of a surprise to find out that I'm autoimmune. He did raise my prescription to 50mcg and said to get my TSH retested in three months and that if it wasn't below 3.0 that he'll bump my dose up to 75mcg then. I also had him test my B12 and Vitamin D levels, and I could use a bit more D3 but my B12 is in a good spot. My T3 is 3.1pg/ml (ref. range is 2.8-4.4) but the specialist says that they don't really go by that test because it's such a weak test. Which is weird because articles I've read says that for a complete picture of thyroid function, that TSH, T4, & T3 should be tested. I swear it's like pulling teeth to get the blood tests done that you ask for and want done!! Lol

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