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my cardiologist appointment!


As some are aware my heart scan came back as minor left and right ventricular inpairement and I had to have a bnp test which although came back as slightly high for my age it was still fine!

Anyway I had my follow up appointment and I had a ecg and blood pressure done, my pulse was high, as I sat down he went through all of my details from how far back as I can remember that I had tachycardic so I told him, I also dropped in the line that I had a thyroid nodule and im having so many symptoms of thyroid disease, he went on to tell me how my tsh was in range at 2.84 so that it nothing to do with that, so I went on to tell him how my b12 was 245 august last year and I haven't had any recent testing and again jumped in by telling me that was also in range, I then said optimal is 500+ , I then explained how my family has a strong link of b12 deficiency and then he put on the paper b12 with a question mark, then I told him I have a list of symptoms here and he said he will take a look, he also looked at my cortisol test which stated HIGH on the result he turned around to me and said to him that looks stable WHAT I thought lol, anyway he then tells me he reckons my heart tests are fine but would like me to have a 24 hour monitor just to see what my pulse is like when i'm asleep, but he thinks it will come back fine!

He seemed very much interested more in my panic attacks, seems like after all this he is going to put all this as my panic attacks so I have not got anywhere with the cardiologist, got to admit i'm so glad now that I went ahead and booked to see dr p this month, isn't it crazy how all these specialist's really dont have a clue what can be linked to what, and they just leave us suffering like this, I thought this would have been my big break! Dont get me wrong i'm so happy that there is no biggy with my heart but if i'm left undiagnosed any longer who knows?

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Glad your heart seems ok and goods luck with Dr P - hopefully he will sort you out :) xxx

nichola79 in reply to Clarebear

Thank you, I had a melt down the day before my cardiologist appointment, I felt I was having a nervous breakdown, I knew then it was time to get some help from someone who will actually listen, im so excited may sound strange but I feel he can help me :) x

Clarebear in reply to nichola79

I saw him and he was lovely - you will be in safe hands :) xx

nichola79 in reply to Clarebear

Thank you, I just hope he can help me x

He had to say the cortisol was ok as he doesn't know what it is or how to treat it.

nichola79 in reply to lynx

it would have been better to of said he didn't know much about that lol x

The heart thing seems to me to a classic symptom of thyroid/adrenal involvement. I have tachycardia, atral fibrillation, high blood pressure and when I'm really bad I've even been asked if I have a hole in my heart. ECG machines print "abnormal ECG" across my traces and I've had more echocardiograms than most people have had hot dinners.

When I was first ill, 37 years ago, my heart was seized on. I was stuffed full of beta blockers and told to go away.

In my better phases my heart sounds perfectly ok. I have always believed it is the monitor of how I am, not the cause.

Interestingly my atrial fibrillation stopped completely as soon as I was put on T4. Coincidence? I don't think so!

My pulse rate is consistently in the 90s these days. Bringing it down and reducing my blood pressure are my next challenges, but I'm convinced they are thyroid/adrenal related.

As usual, an NHS employee prefers to investigate panic attacks rather than your endocrine system? I wonder why?

nichola79 in reply to rosetrees

Thanks for your reply, my pulse rate is really high and my blood pressure is raised a lot also, my basal temp is low every morning apart from when I have a virus, ive been given beta blockers before to help slow my heart rate down and reduce my anxiety, that was at the very beginning when I started getting ill 18 years ago, they are all trying to link everything to anxiety but I know there is more to it, the thing that confuses me is I thought racing heart (tachycardic), high blood pressure is linked to hyper not hypo, also I haven't really put on loads of weight either so I get a bit confused where im at.

My tsh last month was 2.84 it went up within a month from 1.73, they still are not interested, my ft4 is in range but on the low side. x

rosetrees in reply to nichola79

Have you had the adrenal saliva test done? I paid for it through Genova. My cortisol level was right at the bottom end of normal on waking and below normal for the rest of the day. It isn't "just thyroid" for me, it's endocrine system related, I'm certain.

As far as I'm aware hypo can cause both high and low blood pressure and both fast and slow heart rates.

nichola79 in reply to rosetrees

yes I have my cortisol level was high and my dhea was low, I don't know what that means though x

Heloise in reply to nichola79

Someone posted this and I thought it was very helpful....thyroid verses adrenal:

nichola79 in reply to Heloise

thanks, if mine is high though do that mean my adrenals is struggling? x

Heloise in reply to nichola79

Like iron it's not coincidence that many thyroid patients have adrenal issues, being low in thyroid hormone CAUSES adrenal stress and this follows a pattern, initially cortisol levels go UP as the adrenal glands add extra cortisol to make up for lack of T3 (giving high cortisol symptoms), after a period of time (sometimes years) they cease to be able to deliver this extra cortisol and "Adrenal Fatigue" sets in and low cortisol is the result.

Binkynoo in reply to nichola79

Hi Nichola , just been reading how are you lately ? Nikki I was diagnosed over active thyroid jan , just sat reading your posts cos I woke up with a very fast heart beat its thrown me into panic I'm

Do worried still debating A&E on the morn , ate you on medication ?

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