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Could anxiety stress be causing my ear problem. Feels like pressure in my tight ear.Hearing test and ct found nothing.I have hashimotos

HI lovely people.

Can anyone she'd any light on my hearing problem.

For the last 2 years I've suffered with pressure in my ear's mainly in Mt right one.

It comes and goes and sometimes it affects my speach.

I was diagnosed with hashi''s 6 years ago after the birth of my little girl and took thyroxine for 5 years with lots of problems one being a spate of panic sttacks ( never ever suffered before ) after reading up on ndt got myself thyroid 's and have felt so much better, I also take bio identicAl progesterone as my symptoms were very similar to estrogen dominance.

And so since I've taken ndt and progesterone have been 100 times better all apart from my ear problem.

I think the discomfort and pressure is worse of I become stressed/anxious/embarrassed.

Any ideas?

I'd be so grateful.

My lat blood rest are as below

July 2016

Serum free to 2.1 (2.4_5.7)

Serum t4 10 (9_20)

October 2016

Serum tsh undetectable at less than 0.01

Serum free t3 of 5.3

Serum free t4 of 13

The Oct 2016 results are without reference ranges and that is how I received them from Queen Elizabeth hospital

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If the Oct and July results are both via QE hospital we can use the July ranges. TSH is suppressed, FT4 low which is typical when taking NDT, and FT3 is in the upper range.

I'm sorry I can't help with the ear problem.


Thank you clutter, so does that all seem OK then?



The thyroid results were fine.


Thank you clutter.you are a superstar 😊


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