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Blood results

Blood results

Hi there, I'm worried I had a blood test and all it showed up was high cholesterol, so went to see a nutritionist who told me I should get my thyroid tested too, so I did so expecting nothing to come back.

Wrong, I tested positive for thyroglobulin antibodies! The rest were in normal range?

Here's my results:-

TSH 1.38

FT 20.1

T4 110.6

T3 5.39

TA 369.7

TPA 18.83

What do you make of these?

I am a 38 year old male.

Things to note I've thought I've suffered IBS for years, I'm following FODMAP at the suggestion of my NUTRITIONIST and things seem to have settled stomach wise. I've always felt fatigued for years! Been tested throughout my life and nothing showed up ever.

I now have a sore throat, maybe that's just luck. Not had one before the results. Maybe it's my body playing tricks?

I've felt like I've needed to pop my ears and have a slight ring in them, had that for a few months now.

I've suffered with psoriasis since I was about twenty! Seems to improve with FODMAP?

As mentioned my cholesterol is raised at 6.3 total my bad cholesterol is raised and good low?

Leaky gut syndrome may be something I suffer from not IBS I'm thinking?

Now and then I do feel a little uneasy on my legs and have had a spinning feeling laying down.

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A higher cholesterol is one of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism.

You have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called hashimoto's and the antibodies wax and wane attacking your gland till you are hypothyroid.

When on thyroid hormone replacements cholesterol will lower so avoid statins as they may cause problems. When hypothyroid we can have low stomach acid (symptoms are similar to high and GP usually gives acid reducing meds). We need either some good Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water or juice during meals or HCL tablets (also known as Digestive Enzymes. Acid is required to dissolve food in our stomachs.

Members who've gone gluten-free have found it beneficial as it helps reduce antibodies

Blood tests for thyroid hormones have to be at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and if on thyroid hormone replacement allow 24 hour gap between last dose and test and take afterwards.

If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr Toft who was President of the BTA and you will see within it that he says if antibodies are present levothyroxine should be prescribed and how low your TSH can go. Highlight this part and discuss with your GP, Also ask GP to check B12, Vit d, iron, ferritin and folate and always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records. You can post if you have a query.


Firstly the one thing that is normally connected to psoriasis is gluten sensitivity or full blown coeliac

I suspect thats the real reason for your stomach problems

The raised cholesterol could be familial especially prevalent in redheads

It could of course be down to what you eat

It would not currently appear to be connected to your thyroid

Start by going totally and utterly gluten free for 3 months and see if that resolves all your symptoms

Do be sure to take a good probiotic like Bio Kalm available from Amazon

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Thanks are we saying my raised thyroglobulin could be down to a gluten intolerance?

The weird thing is every time I have antibody test, I show up positive. Although I have only had two, one was a HIV test and the other the Thyroid tests.

I was told I was HIV positive, but transpired it was false positive! I was told it was a none specific reaction, I knew along that there was no way I could have it!

Then now I have these reactions for my thyroid tests. Is it possible something else could be causing the positive result or causing it?


I add the HIV test was about 2-3 year ago


I believe thyroid antibodies can fluctuate so it would be best to have them tested again. I do not know whether gluten intolerance can create the antibodies but going gluten free seems to help some people with Hashimotos who are taking levothyroxine. My antibodies were much higher and are now not much above the limit but I am not gluten free.

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Gluten does tend to fuel thyroid antibodies the only way to find out if your symptoms are result of gluten is to go scruplously gluten free for 3 months certainly psoriasis is well known accompaniament of coeliac


Thanks all, I have started the gluten diet and my stomach seems to be getting better after a week, I did have an upset stomach Sunday morning but I think that was from eating out and maybe cross contamination.

I am going to the doctors tomorrow to discuss my blood results, and see what he thinks. I've been advised that I should press for access to an endocrinologist, would that be a good idea at this stage?

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clearly gluten is a big part of your problens

eating out is fraught with trouble so best to steer clear

join Coeluac society so you get a handbook of whats ok and be very vigilent

many people and restuarants are clueless about gluten

and one slip can set you back weeks

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Thank you, I've also just booked for a private ultrasound on Thursday as I want to know what it looks like in there.

I have this lump feeling that won't seem to go, also been having burps.

Could be down to nerves and my mental state now.

I lost my mum through cancer and always worry about me.


i would suggest the lump in throat is simply start of hashimotos

its possible your levrls when well were right at top or over the range hence now you are feeling very unwell

pretty much the same as post Graves Thyroidectomy patients their bodies are used to high levels and cant cope on normal

going gluten free is a sensible start then we know hiw to manage the rest

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I think I follow, so as I've cut gluten out my body's levels will be going normal range? So possibly a reaction to it


Lump in throat I'm guessing is a goitre.

Gluten and casein(in milk) look like the thyroid to the body so she you eat and it leaks into bloodstream(leaky gut) the T cells see an invader so go out to attack but as the thyroid looks so similar (molecular mimmickry) it gets attacked as well.

Best to avoid gluten and dairy. Sheeps and cows milk seem to be better as slightly different make up although I just stick to almond milk.

Paleo diet works the best, you'll notice a big difference I'm sure.

Good pro biotic.

You can also replace stomach acid as probably low.

The apple cider vinegar tip is good.

Are your b12,Vit D, folate and feretin optimal?

Your antibodies show inflammation.

My cholesterol was high and has come down since I've been on NDT (natural Dessicated thyroid)

Or you can just add T3

T3 is the active hormone.

T4 is the prohormone.

A lot of people don't convert T4 into T3 but the Drs don't seem to get that!.

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just stick to gluten free and the psorisis should disapear

i suspect you have hashimotos but the NHS will not yet recognise that fact

lets see what furthur info your tests bring up

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Thanks all much love! I will ask the GP to do the other suggested tests I've had my iron checked in my full bloods and it was within range.


The issue I'm having is getting my partner to understand things and where I'm coming from! Apparently I'm just reading things on the internet!


Feeling a bit low today, not sure if that's going gluten free cold turkey or not? Also my throats seems a bit better today lumpwise still maybe a bit sore though.


I feel really lethargic today, I am not sure if thats my gluten withdrawal, which I have heard can cause issues. I didnt sleep too wel last night either, the lump in my throat appears to be less noticable when I swallow. Still a slight sore throat..


Well I don't know what to make of my visit to the doctors? She was nice enough, but said they wouldn't do anything as my TSH is in range.

She took more blood and going to check my TSH and T3 again, plus do the usual blood checks and my B12.

I asked if they do the Thyroglbuline Ab and T4 which they don't unless an endo requests?

As I've been avoiding gluten they couldn't do the coeliac test..

She gave me some statistic from the NHS website about a percentage of male and females having them but no issues or such, wish I could remember the exact wording sorry!


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