Hi. So I saw a Gastroenterologist today who has booked me in for a Colonoscopy and endoscopy.

She said that all my issues (mostly savage bloating, very loose stools, stomach cramps) could be because of my thyroid. She's doing this procedure to eliminate anything else.

I told her I have been Gluten Free for over three months now and as it's made no difference at all she's told me not to bother.

My questions are: has A, anyone else gone thro this? B, anyone else not bothering with being Gluten Free and C, if it is all because of my thyroid am I right in saying once I am 'optimal' all these issues will abate?

I have had the symptoms for years. Years and years.

Thanx as always.


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  • Had a colonoscopy a few years back, was told I had colitis, much better to get it checked out. Nothing to having it done. I have been on thyroxine for about 60 years. So the two could be linked, but I am not sure. Not knowledgeable enough. I had cramping and bloating. Best of luck in getting it sorted.

  • Thanx elwins, do you still have cramping and bloating now?

  • Went gluten free more or less, found out wheat and corn caused me problems, got rid of the stomach cramps, but still get the bloating sometimes. You just get used to finding which foods trigger it. Hope this helps.

  • I haven't had that procedure but wanted to note that it could be dairy causing your issues. I gave up gluten 8 months ago, but it wasn't until I gave up dairy and then tried reintroducing various dairy that I realised it was giving me bloating, wind, cramps etc. Been a lot better since I cut it out. You could try that?

  • I have such little dairy in my diet tho.... I use almond milk in hot drinks are rare to eat cheese not because I don't like it....I love it! Just makes me even fatter!

  • Just for information and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Have u had ur vit d tested? I went through years of stomach problems eventually they removed my gallbladder. I then had 17 years of the runs and last year diverticulitis. Since I had my vit d tested and have been taking 6000 iu per day all my bowel and ibs symptoms have gone. It has been great what a difference its made to my life.

  • My Vit D is I don't think it's that. Thank you for replying 😃

  • Going gluten free helps if you have a gluten intolerance but isn't going to make a difference otherwise - so if going gluten free hasn't made a difference that would tend to the conclusion that you don't have a gluten intolerance so no point being gluten free.

    Not entirely sure but think that a colonoscopy can also be used to pick up damage associated with AMAG/Pernicious Anaemia.

    Have you had your B12 levels tested?

    Lots of info on B12 on the PASoc forum

  • I'm on B12 supplements now. I think she thinks my colon is all inflamed.....

  • Hi there, I suffered with those same symptoms for years bloating foul wind severe diarrhoea pain, had a colonoscopy and endoscopy came back with IBD, my IBD nurse got my Gp to refer me to a dietitian and she has put me on a low fodmap diet, AMAZING RESULTS, my tummy problems are 90% improved. I am only on the elimination stage currently but has worked wonders, still get slight pain on occasions but well worth a shot......

  • What does that involve?

  • Removing all fermentable carbohydrates from your diet, it has to be done under the advice of a dietitian but if you can get your GP to refer you well worth a shot

  • Hi, I had both done & unfortunately they were awful due to the mild anaesthesia & pain killer being poorly admininistered so l was fully awake & aware & it was one of the worst things that I've been through courtesy of our NHS! When I found out years later that I could've just done an Elimination diet I was livid. 😡 Why would you have a barbaric treatment when you can just stop eating inflammatory foods!? For me 'gluten free' was not enough I had to do a Paleo type diet as I was sensitive to ALL grains/cereals plus cow dairy, legumes, cane sugar & a couple of other things. I wasn't diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet but when I swapped a low fat vegetarian, whole grain heavy diet for a high fat (mostly coconut oil, goat butter, olive oil, avocados, macadamia nuts etc) medium protien such as grass fed beef or lamb, free range eggs, wild fish etc & low-ish carbs from green veg, salads, starchy veg, fruits, plantain, cassava etc... I had relief not just from severe bloating, diarreah, constipation, acid reflux, stomach pains, but my eczema, dog & cat allergies, insomnia, hyperglycemia, pre diabetes, depression, hay fever & a very long list of more annoying ailments went away. Unfortunately I have been left with a hiatus hernia due to the procedure going wrong. But there isn't much I can do about that. I hope this info helps. Being on the right diet for you, plus the right thyroid meds for you, will irradicate a lot of symptoms, plus good quality Pro Biotics, vitamin D3 & vitamin K2 etc...

    Good luck. ☺

  • Is that the AIP diet?

  • It's very similar but the Elimination diet is very personal to each person. Some people will cut out all grains, all dairy, all nuts, seeds, etc... then add back these things one item at a time, looking for any symptom return. Eventually using your symptoms as a feedback system you can eat whatever leaves you inflammation & symptom free. Everyone will be different as some people will have bad responses to nearly everything! As your gut heals & inflammation subsides some foods can come back in to your diet later on. So far none but free range eggs, goat & sheeps dairy & macadamia, pecans & Brazil nuts have come back for me. So I mainly eat veg, salad, meat, eggs, fish, coconut oil & fruit etc... I may have to eliminate coffee & chocolate eventually but for now it's a huge no-no! ☺

  • Ohhh this worries me so much! I LOVE food. I love to cook and eat out. But I equally hate this pain.

    Rock and a hard place me thinks.

  • Yes me too! In fact my old business was food based so it became increasingly hard to create amazing food when I could not taste what I was making!

  • This Is rubbish 😢

  • Hi there I had the same tests as you with same symptoms, I don't have a thyroid problem but I was VERY ILL for 4 years. My results were you have ibs! But I was so ill I spent thousands of dollars trying to get relief, no specialist could give me an answer, finally I moved country and saw a Digestive Disease Centre who gave me an answer in 24 hours. It is a condition called Dysbiosis, please ask for a test for this if you get told you have ibs. You are welcome to contact me if you want to know more. All the best.

  • Thank you. I will defiantly ask about this.

  • I was sent for a colonoscopy due to changeable bowel habits (alternating constipation and diarrhoea). I don't really have any discomfort to speak of and the procedure was suggested by a dermatologist who was, I believe, asking routine questions about health. I used to be very bloated on levo only, but it was fluid throughout all my tissues, not just my belly.

    I was gf for a full year and there were no changes in my antibodies or symptoms so I don't bother anymore. I didn't find it that onerous so would do it again if I felt the need.

    At the moment are you quite far from being optimally treated or are you close and just adjusting? When optimally treated you may find your symptoms level out if they are indeed down to your thyroid. If they are due to non-thyroid issues they may persist. :-)

    Keep in mind if you've been gf for a while inflammation may have calmed. I know you need to be eating gluten for blood tests to show positive, but I don't know about endoscopy. When are your procedures scheduled?

  • It's on the 10th may both being done at the same time.

    The gastronomic dr said if Gluten Free has made no difference then don't bother also.

    My meds are being upped again in 8 weeks time to 200 levo and my Endo the other day suggested that I will then need combinations of T4 and T 3 as nothing's changing.....

  • Yes, I understand. What I'm saying is if gf diet has calmed inflammation (you can't really tell that unequivocally from symptoms, a lot of coeliacs have no symptoms at all and your symptoms could be from something else) this can show up on tests as a false negative. I do not know if the same goes for endo/colonoscopy. I may not be explaining that brilliantly well but if you google gf + endoscopy + colonoscopy + coeliac maybe there will be more info there.

  • I've had both as for the colonoscopy the worst bit was having to take the laxative and constantly going to the toilet before hand ,I was completely sedated and didn't know a thing they even took a biopsy

    And didn't know a thing for the endoscopy I was dreading both not pleasant but I try to tell myself there is worse things I could be having to go through 😊

  • Yeah that's what is being done to me and that's what Tim telling myself too!!

  • In my experience everyone says the prep is the worst part. You're sedated for the procedure so you don't fully take in what's going on.

  • It just seems so unnatural or it did to me

    they will give you the option if you want sedation and I would suggest to have it all you will just feel sleepy after and you won't be aware of anything

    I'm having a polyp removed from my womb on the 13th April never had a general anaesthetic before I know on the day I will be besides myself with worry

  • I've had a few generals. Your worry is the worst bit. They are actually fine.

    I'm not given the option here. I'm in France.

    I was told I was having a general and that's that!

  • So I was only better when I stopped dairy too. The casein in cows milk is the problem.

    Are you on a good probiotic, that also really helped me with loose stools.

    Phi naturals 10/30 (amazon)has been good.

  • I'm not. I know nothing about them to be honest.

  • Ovr80% of the immune system is in the gut. A probiotic could definitely help.

    Also bone broth, very good for healing the gut. Just look up on Internet of how to make, v easy.

  • Sorry this is a very late response to your original post but I've just seen that 1. You are in France and 2. Your going for the colonoscopy and 3. You have Hashis. Snap ! I've got an appointment in Le Puy en Velay at the end of June. Getting to see an new endo next week and currently self treating with a bit of cynomel on top of my levo. That has so far proved beneficial. Trouble now is my gut. I've stopped all supplements and just taking a probiotic which has calmed things down considerably. My high dose Vit c didnt help, but my digestion has been failing since Christmas. Gluten free helped all the wind, bloating and churnings, but I think I may have some kidney issues possibly linked to low magnesium and low stomach acid and horrendously high antibodies. Who really knows? My stools have stayed consistently tan colored (Sorry if that's too graphic) and I believe this is lack of bile meaning digestion of fats is incomplete. I had ignored magnesium because my blood results for mg were good but I now discover blood mg is unreliable and hashi people are probably deficient in most things.

    I wish you well on the 10th and like you I'm relieved it's under sedation. Do you have a supportive gp and or endo ? I feel I'm fighting a single handed battle with mine.

    I'll be with you in spirit


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