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I have a GP appointment next week and would welcome any advice on my thyroid function test results and balance issue.

Serum free triodothyronine 3.88 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

Serum free T4 19.5 pmol/L (11.0 - 23.0)

Serum TSH 0.28mU/L (0.27 - 4.5)

Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration 13 IU/mL (34.0)

I am experiencing acute balance issues - have just purchased a walking stick.

I am currently on 100 mg Levo for hypothyroidism

GP suggests I have viral labyrinthitis. She is aware that I have had balance problems over the last 5 years lasting up to several months.

I am undergoing therapy for ME. (I do not believe I have ME, but my Endo does not believe my symptoms relate to my thyroid.)

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry but i dont think you have ME

Your t3 is not in balance with your t4

This may be because




Vit d3

Are below required halway in their ranges which is vital for the cinversion of t4 into t3 to occur

Ask your GP to test them and post the results

I trust you do not take any othervmedications because many can interfere with absorption

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Your FT4 is low as is your FT3 so good advice to get the things tested that help the Thyroid. You are undermedicated and a suspicion of not converting well but that will be easier to comment after an increase.

You may well find that if your get better treatment the dizziness could subside as I'm sure many of us suffered like that at some point. I once had a problem of walking like a crab as I often lurched sideways and this stopped when my thyroid problems were addressed so that could be the cause.


The OP's FT4 is not low, it's much higher in range than the FT3.


Thanks GG you are right. My maths bit iffy though and got it to just halfway. Thank you for correcting me.


Yeah, I know what you mean. Thank goodness there's a calculator on the computer! lol

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I'm rubbish with a calculator-never use them! Think I would be in a worse mess!


Well, I'm not brilliant, but I can at least add up, take away and multiply with a calculator. But please don't ask me to calculate a percentage!!! lol

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Agreed. Your conversion is shot. But, the problem is, doctors/endos don't understand T3, and the need to have it up the top of the range.

The balance issues could be low B12.

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Get your vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels checked - as Greygoose says, balance issues can be low B12

Also you need BOTH thyroid antibodies checked. There are two sorts- TPO & TG to test for Hashimotos. Rare to have low TPO and high TG - but not impossible.

If you can't get done by GP get tested privately- see Thyroid UK for more info

Have you tried gluten free diet to see if it offers any improvement

Being under medicated and/or having Hashimotos can lower stomach acid/ cause poor nutrient absorption / leaky gut / food intolerances- usually gluten

See The Thyroid Pharmacist website for more on gut connections


Thanks to all who have replied.

You have confirmed my own thoughts that I am not converting, and it could be Vit B12 deficiency.

I have unfortunately been told by my Endo who I saw in December that I do not have a problem with conversion, nor are my symptoms related to my thyroid problems!!! He has adviced me not to try any any special diets. He condescendingly added that I do have a balanced approach to the problem! I have to laugh as I could hardly be less balanced physically at the moment! He suggests my problems are related to ME and suggested Amytriptiline!

My Vit D is 86 nmol/L, my GP is ecstatic about this and will only allow me a maintenance dose of 800 units twice weekly! I have told her my level should be 100 nmol/L at least. She tried to tell me I could end up with Vit D toxicity!! I didn't even bother to reply. Unknown to her I have taken 800 units 4 times a week since December. Just in the last 10 days the pains I have been experiencing for years have disappeared!!

I am aware of the two antibody tests, my surgery only tests for 1. I have had both tested recently by the Endo, but was not told results, other than there was no problem.

My Ferritin is very high at 702. I have been tested by a Gastro for Haemachromatosis and Liver problems. He could not find anything of note and suggested Amytriptiline and ME treatment!

I have refused Amytriptiline, but am currently having therapy for ME. I accepted the therapy in desperation. I do not believe I have ME. The phsycotherapy so far has made me feel worse, and I have been told to expect this!

I will ask my GP to test for Vit B 12 Deficiency. Other than that I expect I will be left to feel ghastly hobbling along with my stick! I am currently thinking about tracking down an accredited functional doctor.

Thanks for your consideration.


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