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Dr's Appt on Tuesday - supplement or not?


Going to see new (2nd) Endo on Tuesday. Last blood test said I was low in folate, ferritin, iron, vit D and B-12. My last Endo only said to treat vit D and B-12 -- my GP only said vit D bc it was the only thing actually below the range... anyway, I have been supplementing B-12, vit D and taking mega multi-vitamin for the other things. Now, should I still be supplementing before seeing this new Dr on Tuesday, or no? I have not been diagnosed as hypo yet, but trying to get a Dr to listen and treat based on my laundry list of symptoms! Will taking my supplements change my FT4, FT3 or TSH levels?

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Possible if there is biotin in your multivitamin. It interferes with some labs giving false low TSH and false high t3/4. Best to skip it for 2-3 days before blood tests

X linda

MelissaRz in reply to fibrolinda

Ok, thank you very much!

Do not eat or drink during your blood test cause . I know

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