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Blood results

Just had an updated blood test result as follows

TSH 6.7 range 0.2 - 4.0

T4 13.2 range 11 - 22.6

T3 5.7 range 3.5 - 6.5

Cortisol and calcium were 'normal'

I posted the other day to say in August 16 my TSH was 4.5 and I had a test 20 years ago which said my TSH was 1.82 (before I felt really unwell)

Do you think it is reasonable to request a trial of levothyroxine from my GP or do I have to wait until my TSH is >10?.

I completed the symptom sheet and ticked about 75% of the symptoms and ache ALL the time to the point I am on OxyContin and amitryptaline.

I am grateful for any input please.

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Ask your GP to start you on Levothyroxine now. You are symptomatic with TSH considerably above range so there is no need to delay until you become overtly hypothyroid with TSH >10.


Thank you Clutter. It has been a lonely journey for 3 years. My GP is very good but it still seems like an uphill battle to prove I am not a hypercondriac moaning that I ache everywhere all the time

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I don't know why medics have so much difficulty appreciating that symptoms precede abnormal bloods and don't suddenly manifest when TSH goes over range.



I'm convinced that one of my GPs thinks I am a hypochondriac.



Hi ysands, do you have the symptoms of Hashimoto's?

Have you considered asking your GP to send you for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid?

When a Rheumatologist saw in 2010 bloods results on my computer records that were 'Hypothyroid ' he arranged more tests. They came back 'Euthyroid ' so he told me Thyroid normal and diagnosed Fibromyalgia !!!!!!!

I got copy of my hospital records (free of charge) and saw that my 'normal' results were all borderline. As were old results.

I suffered on & off for many years.

Had hyper symptoms in past previously.

After a woman on a helpline listened to my symptoms she advised me to ask for the scan.

I then had urgent referal to Endo and full investigations.


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I have a gp app on 6th April. My gp is good and listens so hopefully between us we can sort out treatment. I wasn't happy with fibromyalgia diagnosis as I didn't have flare ups. My cholesterol was over 9 and been on statins for years. Maybe that is explained by my failing thyroid.

I will keep you updated. Thanks for your input

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Hi ysands

Forgot to say the Hypothyroid results the rheumatologist noticed in 2010 were from bloods taken by GP and Colorectal consultant in 2008. No one told me though - and I was very poorly back in 2008. 20 yrs before a Medical Consultant who thought I had Underactive Thyroid expressed concern to GP at the time. He said ' ... her bloods have come back normal but I am not happy and we should keep an eye on this ..' No one told me. It was a long time before I started asking for copies of hospital records. So I didn't know & and an Anesthesist in 1989 ridiculed him a bit saying my 'bloods were normal' And when I tried to find the Medical Consult from 1988 some years later he had left.

The morning after the Ultrasound scan in 2011 I saw GP who'd arranged it. He made urgent referal to Endo & gave me start dose of 50mcg Levothyroxine. But I didn't take it - I thought I'd waited so long I'll wait a few more weeks. The Endo was pleased with this as he could do all the bloods and also Short Synacthen Test to check my adrenals first.

My diagnosis was:

Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroid.


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Mary - intussuception

I saw a rheumatologist who does not diagnose fibromyalgia as it has had bad press. So my diagnosis was constant all over pain for no apparent reason. Try putting that on a travel insurance form!

The only good from that appointment was a vit D test which showed my level was 17. The best I have felt in years was when I was taking the huge dose of vit D. Although my level is now ok the benefit (if that's what caused it) went when the tablets wore off.

I'm just hoping my GP doesn't make me wait to see an endo before prescribing me Levo. That will mean I'm in pain for longer and I soooo want to feel well.


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