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Blood Results, advice please


I have just got my blood results today, as I posted on Wednesday the nurse agreed to request a T3 test ( she said oh what the heck lets get the full lot done) but as I said I wasn't going to hold my breath as to whether the lab would test for it, anyway guess what they haven't. TSH is 0.25 (Range 0.35 - 4.7) T4 12 (Range 7.8 - 21)Receptionist said I must keep my pre booked appt. for next Wednesday as they think I am being over medicated, which I knew they would say as they have said plenty of times they do not like TSH under 1

when I had my private test done at Blue Horizon 14th June TSH 0.49 (Range 0.27 - 4.2) T4 20.1 (Range 12.0 - 22.0) T3 3.7 (Range 3.1 - 6.8)

Obviously my T4 has dropped so can anyone tell me what this means. I am taking 100mcg levo increased from 75mcg 8 weeks ago. A couple of weeks after the increase I felt a bit better for approx. 2 weeks then have gone downhill since then. Can anyone please comment on my results

Many thanks browny

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I don't think you are adequately medicated yet. Your T3 is very low. It is not uncommon to need a TSH below the reference range and a T4 above the range to get your T3 to where it should be, because you are only replacing one hormone (T4) which is actually only a pre-hormone! Unfortunately many doctors don't realise this andh insist you are over-replaced.

You could request a trial of T4 and T3 combo. The T3 would raise your T3 level without affecting your T4 (although it will lower your TSH but that doesn't matter). You could even replace a small amount of the T4 with T3 giving you a more sensible combination of results. It might satisfy your GP more knowing that your T4 is nicely within range.

You may find you actually get on better with a little T3 added.

I hope you find what works

Carolyn x


I'm still in the early days of T4 only.

I do feel, with the advice on this site, I can stay ahead of the game more.

I had T3 test refused before [by the lab] even though they agreed by phone to do it for me.

Very frustrating.

Now, having started treatment [using an external lab result] maybe I will have more luck getting both T4 & T3 levels to judge progress as OP is doing.

Is this a threshold thing with the labs- 'No meds / with meds' decides T3 done?

The only thing I get not mentioned on here with T4 is stomach queasiness on & off- but do take other meds.Hoping T4 works, anyway.

It does have ups and downs it seems- even on low dose.


Most labs won't test T3 if TSH or T4 are normal. Some will if they are abnormal but not all. Some will if it is requested with a note stating the patient is taking T3 but again, not all will :(

I have never experienced queasiness with T4 but it's entirely possible. Perhaps it is due to low stomach acid, which is so common in hypothyroidism.

I hope you do find the right treatment and dose. It can be a bit of a journey though for some people.

All the best

Carolyn x


Many thanks Carolyn

If G.P. will not prescribe T3 or a combination T4/T3 when I go on Wednesday I will ask for a referrel to an Endo, I have a recommendation from a member of a good NHS one in my area

Best Wishes browny


Carolyn has given good advice, and if you need written back-up for what she says then get "Understanding thyroid disorders" by Dr Anthony Toft, past president of the BTA plus it is a BMA publication. About £5 from chemists/Amazon.

Check out PP 47-47 and P 88, bearing in mind the figures he quotes are related to the typical ranges given on P 87.


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