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Raising dose of t3 - update

Based on bloods and advice from learned thyroid folk here I decided to go from former dose (75/100 t4 + 10 t3) to 50 t4 + 15 t3.

As usual, any dose over 10 t3 gives me a little trouble, so I split the dose. Tried levo + 10 t3 at night then 5 t3 in morning. Feeling a bit racy/tightly wound after I take that extra 5 t3. Maybe it's my imagination though because my dose certainly shouldn't be any higher in real terms, if anything I've dropped the levo a bit more than necessary, yes? My new phone doesn't seem to have a timer on it so I'm neglecting to take my pulse like I used to but just now it was 78 at rest.

Tried splitting t3 dose in three but that's for the birds, got symptom breakthrough (mainly swelling).

I'm a guest here (away from home) so on my best behaviour and don't want to feel bolshy on too much t3 but when I get home I can experiment a little more.

Good news is I get extended periods where I'm not aware of my heartbeat at all, it's like it disappears, no pounding or racing or thumping or missed beats. That seems good to me.

Still necking my supplements: 40 gentle iron + 1000 vit c, 5000 vit d, folate (have run out now so waiting for new bottle) and self-injecting b12.

Glad for the support I get here. Thanks!

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That's quite an overall dose reduction. 5mcg T3 is equivalent to 15mcg T4.

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I thought the same!

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Is a unit of t3 the equivalent of 3 or 5 levo? It seems to depend on who you listen to. My dose change is the equivalent of either 117.5 -> 95 or 137.5 -> 125. I would like to see if changing the proportions of meds effects a change in itself.

This need not be a permanent reduction, but considering how I usually feel when I raise my t3 above 10 (tense and overmedicated) I wanted to give it a chance, so am giving the levo time to settle. If I feel undermedicated I will raise it (or maybe will raise t3). Also thinking that rt3 (mine was 26, top of range is 25) means less levo is better. I've been messing about raising and reducing levo for so long w very little to show for it, I'd really like to focus on raising t3 to see if it helps. As I said, when I get home (tomorrow) I will have more room for maneuver.

Getting tired of alternating doses and/or breaking pills into tiny bits so would prefer to find an everyday dose that suits.



T3 is 3 x stronger than T4.


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