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Todays blood results

Hi - Could anyone take a look for me and tell me how I am doing please. Do they make sense that i am still so tired and piling on weight? My iron has gone right up which is good.......I think!

Actually my Plaqulettes 268 range 150-455 have gone up slightly from last time. ive been Gluten free for 3 months now - i dont think its making ANY difference to how I feel. Shall I just give that up?

Thank you as always!

TSH - 0.261range 0.400 - 3.100

T3 libre 3.9 range 2.6 - 5.7

T4 libre 14.1 range 9.0 - 19.0

Plaqulettes 268 range 150-455

IRON 18.4 range 7.2-25.9

Ferritine 105 range 20-204

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Zuzka1 Your free T3 is on the low side. It's generally thought that in a treated hypo patient it's best in the top quarter, which would be nearer 5.


So if my endo up's my dose from 150 to 175 it should keep going up?


Yes, but he may not like the fact that it suppresses your TSH. Remind him that there's nothing wrong with a suppressed TSH as long as FT3 stays within range.

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shes always said she wants my TSH at zero. I think she will up my dose of levo but I am wondering if i should ask for some T3?


Your conversion is good and doesn't show the need for T3. Good conversion takes place when FT4:FT3 ratio is 4:1 or below, according to member Diogenes who is an advisor to ThyroidUK. Your ratio is 3.6 : 1

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OK..............So levo alone should get me there :)



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