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Thyroid Crisis? - Am I having one and what can I do about it?

My throat is sore, but not sore like a cold, I am hot and then cold but have no fever, I slept for most of the weekend but had a burst of energy and mowed the lawn. The skin on the top of my mouth has blistered and peeled twice in two days because it's over sensitive to heat. My neck is swollen. I missed dinner on Friday and Saturday which, in itself, is an unknown phenomenon.

This has been going on for a week, I've logged on to my GP surgery this morning and there are no appointments until 28th March

I think, it's my thyroid, I've been on 2 grains of NDT for a long time and gradually putting weight back on and feeling more tired etc and I think now I'm having a bit of a crisis, what do I do? Ring the GP and say it's urgent? all they can really do for me if it IS thyroid is give me a note for work putting me on light duties or sign me off.. I have an Endo appointment with a new Endo on the 3rd April but could really do with seeing them earlier as I think I'm in big trouble.... Any ideas? I'm not sure I'm fit for work, I have had to work from home quite a few days recently, and come home early and go to bed.. I am popping ibuprofen like smarties which I am sure can't be good.

I take my supplements and all my D folate and Ferritin are always very healthy, I am gluten, dairy, soy and yeast free.

I am hoping this current crisis will just ease off, but I don't know what do to.

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Sorry to hear this. I am experiencing something very similar. I'm on Day 11 now of temperature spikes, going hot and cold, no energy, vague sore throat, tender neck. I'd assumed it was viral and would pass, although it is taking a long time about it.

I wouldn't expect anything from a GP. I have had sorter lived episodes like this before, which they have dismissed out of hand.

I hope you feel better.


I would call GP and get an emergency appointment. If it's really bad - A&E. I'm in the same boat with the tiredness and have increased my dose from 1-2 grains in the last two weeks. Going to increase to 2.5 today as per members recommendation.

Do you have any recent blood tests to see how you are doing on your two grain dose?


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