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What can I do?

Just a quick rant/question or request for suggestions.

I've had a dip in thyroid levels and have a blood test in 2 weeks to increase my dose. This week has been particularly difficult symptom wise - exhaustion, aching body and coldness.

The coldness is now a big issue in work. My boss sits behind me with a fan on. I sit with the window closed, layers, a blanket, slippers, cardigans and a heater on. Today she went nuts and took the radiator away saying it wasn't normal for me to be sitting cold when everyone else has windows open (not everyone but I cant really argue!).

I'm freezing. I'm feeling down because I'm exhausted. I can bring in more blankets tomorrow and my hot water bottle but feel like I shouldn't have to!

Has anyone had this kind of issue with work? I know it's petty....just tired and sad :(

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I don't know whether you've been diagnosed or not as your Profile has no history.

If you haven't been diagnosed bring your blood test forward as your symptoms are very hypo.

If you are diagnosed and taking meds I would wait till blood test to see what your results are before increasing.

Your blood test should be as early as possible, and no medication taken beforehand - take it afterwards. Re keeping warm at work, you will have to wear thermal items and have hot drinks as ordinary healthy people cannot understand that it's our core that is cold not just the extremeties.

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Thanks Shaws. Was diagnosed last year with Hashimoto's and have been on thyroxine since June. I'm currently on 175/200mcg alternating days but it's been up and down this year as my levels keep fluctuating. I met my GP on Wednesday and based on current symptoms he said I'm probably under active again.

I could do with just sleeping and staying at home but I feel guilty not coming into work. Plus everyone is tired, I shouldn't moan some much!! x


Of course you should moan. You are not on optimum medication yet and we have to be able to convert levo into enough T3 (the active hormone) to enable us to function normally. Do you take your temperature on waking, and several times during the day. You should keep a record for your GP.

You know, of course, to get a copy of your blood test results with the ranges and post them, so that members can comment on them.

Does your GP adjust your dose of levo according to whatever your TSH result is on the day?

Can he not try adding some T3 if you need an increase shortly. Dr Toft says some of us need T3 added.


Thanks so much again. I was thinking maybe I haven't been converting but the past 2 blood tests the practice hasn't checked T4 let alone T3! He is checking it though at the blood test in 2 weeks.

Quick overview:


7.5 (range 0.05 – 4.5): Medication increased back to 200mcg (from 175/200 alternating)

March: - Asked for Vit D to be tested, they didn't do it

0.8 (range 0.05 – 4.5): Medication decreased back to 175/200 alternating


3.4 (range 0.05 – 4.5): No action

I did increase my dose after May to 200mcg daily but reduced as I thought my diarrhea was related to it (turns out it's from fruit). The GP I seen on Wednesday was happy I "took the initiative" to increase myself.

I will definitely push the T3 at the next blood test. Thank you for everything, really appreciate your help. x


If you email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse pOnline article. Highlight question 6 and maybe send GP a copy for him to read before your appointment. You can then give him the whole article when you see him as there are other hints in it about other conditions. Mind you the last para of Question 6 is just what you expect from doctors who should know better.


I have just read the following link and it also mentions other things that can cause coldness.


Couple of other things to consider. If you're finding it hard to tolerate increases in levothyroxine, there's a good chance you're deficient in one of (or all of) Vit B12, Vit D or ferritin. See if you can persuade your doctor to test them. Your body will find it hard to convert T4 into T3 if you have nutritional deficiencies.


Thanks LilyMay. I am getting treated for a B12 deficiency, had my last injection last month. I had a 6 month supply of iron tabs and then have been supplementing with over the counter ones. I did ask for Vit D to be tested at my last test so have pushed for it this time. Let's see how it goes! x


What a bully pennyrose. That is simply spiteful. :-(

If you are, or become, ill while at work your employer is required to make reasonable adjustments

Perhaps pointing out your legal entitlements and her legal responsibilities will give you enough breathing space to concentrate on getting better.


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