What do I do?

My thyroid has been fluctuating hyper to hypo since June. I've seen 2 docs who both say it's thyroiditis and they're "watching and waiting" for my thyroid to either self regulate or burn out. I feel MISERABLE. I haven't worked in 9 weeks. I'm on unpaid leave. I have adrenaline rushes in my sleep that leave me with major tremors and fatigue. I'm woken up out of a dead sleep with these. I'm exhausted, cold, my legs constantly feel heavy and tingly and sometimes they don't feel like they'll even work. My eyes and nose burn, I have a low resting heart rate, my head hurts off and on, and I feel just so heavy and weak all over. My mental state has obviously suffered. My blood work keeps coming back "normal". It has fluctuated between subclinical hypo and hyper at times, but mostly it's in range (which I know means NOTHING symptom wise). My TPO antibodies were 10 at last check, so I'm unsure if it's Hashi's. Some say if ANY antibodies are present that it is. Anyway, I'm sick of this and need advice!

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Did they test TbAb as well as TPO antibodies? Did you have a virus that caused thyroiditis? What kind of timescale has the doc given for resolution of thyroiditis? Did the doc also test all your vitamin levels?

They did a TbAb that was negative. I did have a virus a couple months before all this mess started. He said 2 months to 18 months is the norm and that everyone is different. Yes I had vitamin tests yesterday, but don't have results.

Well, when you get results post them here. You may not be able to do anything about thyroiditis, I ddon't know much about how that works, but if you optimise your vitamin levels it might help you get better more quickly. In fact, some of your symptoms might be related to that rather than thyroid you never know.

Okay I'll post as soon as I know. Thank you!

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Were you on medication when this started? If so, what kind and how much? In January of 2016 I dealt with what you are experiencing. I would wake out of a dead sleep with my heart racing which in return made me have anxiety. I had insomnia along with hypoglycemic episodes. I felt exhausted and weak yet shaky. HORRIBLE. It lasted for about six-eight weeks and then subsided. I also didn't work during that time. I've been fine ever since. I literally thought I was dying. Dr.'s wrote me off as an anxiety case. They gave me six lorazepams to help me sleep. When I asked for more they wrote on my chart I was a drug seeker. I have little to no faith in the majority of Dr.'s. Hope you start feeling better.

That is INSANE! The first time I went to the ER with panic, not knowing it was my thyroid, they wrote me off as having anxiety and never took me seriously after that. I never had panic attacks EVER before that one. So now, if I have a thyroid storm or something, they always ask me "Are you SURE this isn't a panic attack?" It's SO annoying.

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