Second autoimmune diease?


I was feeling OK recently then had an awful infection of cellulitis at the top of my leg. It's taking ages to go away and am on my third round of antibiotics. This flagged up my borderline glucose results and now I'm being tested for type 2 diabetes.

I had worried as there was a recent study linking gluten free diets to type 2 and I eat some gluten free products. However my doctor said that having hashimotos will increase my chance of having type 2 :-( Bit gubbed!!

I recently went to doctor with neuropathy type symptoms in feet and legs.



My non-fasting glucose level is 6.1 (range of 3.5 - 6.0)

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  • Helen_m,

    Having one autoimmune disease predisposes you to developing others and having hypothyroidism predisposes you to developing diabetes.

  • Good article thanks Clutter!

  • Non fasting? That is not a bad number if you didn't fast.

    Or is that different test?

  • HbA1c is the test she needs to have done. Random glucose is......random.

  • Getting that and fasting glucose done on Friday

  • Yeah that what I was thinking as I had fasting glucose 6, same range, and my doctor didn't consider it at worrying at all as it's just random number. I guess if it were way above the range it would have raised a question of something going on.

  • Getting fasting blood glucose done on Friday. They told me the non-fasting test was borderline

  • That really depends on what you ate before the blood was drawn and how long prior to. If you had a couple of biscuits with tea an hour before, then 6.1 is reasonable.

  • Probably a coffee and that's all, as i was getting my thyroid bloods done too. I will wait and see the fasting blood results before worrying though

  • Well coffee is enough to alter the results. So let's hope it's nothing and your test results show normal :)

  • Thankyou Justiina :-)

  • Any idea what your b12 is like? Neuropathy can be from low b12. I never knew what a big deal it was until I started self-injecting and some of the numbness I'd had in my toes since forever has begun to go away, also tinnitus has improved and haven't had any of the odd neuro foot/leg symptoms (sensation of a drop of cold water on leg or stone/glass in shoe) in ages.

  • It's at 668 - I haven't got the range to hand. I am trying to take sublingual B12 but half the normal dose as I get very painful feet if I take a normal dose. I also get very sore feet with a vitamin B complex yet a hair tissue mineral analysis test showed deficiencies in B2 and B3

  • The discomfort comes from the b mending your damaged nerves. If you can bear it you need to just get through it and see if it improves after sustained supplementation. Would you consider self-injecting?

  • Ah I didn't know that was why! I will keep trying then! Doctor told me I didn't need injections, as my level is "normal"

  • Not surprising. You are always at risk of developing a second auto immune illness. Thing is to be optimally thyroid replaced.

  • I thought I was optimal - am on T4 and T3 and I have energy again :-)

  • I believe Hashimoto's and coeliac's disease often go hand in hand and coeliac's is linked to an allergy to gluten. Often people who don't have coeliac's still have gluten intolerance and are advised to steer clear of it. Have come across a lot of information recently that indicates we can start off with one autoimmune condition and, if it is not recognised or addressed properly, it can act as a door for other autoimmune conditions to develop. A good source of such info is Dr John Bergman who has posted hundreds if Youtube videos on various autoimmune conditions - including thyroid issues.

  • Thanks, will look them up

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