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The connection between thyroid disease and diabetes

The connection between thyroid disease and diabetes

Diabetes-Thyroid Alert: Is There a Connection?

Undiagnosed disorders can cause one to experience severe health problems and debilitating symptoms. Two stealthy conditions that can cause serious damage if not properly looked for are diabetes and thyroid dysfunction. However, being difficult to diagnose is not the only thing these two conditions have in common.

There are various mutually impactful effects that thyroid malfunction and diabetes share between each other. Because of this, it is not surprising that many studies have found that prevalence of thyroid conditions among diabetics is notably higher than that of the general populace. Different study populations have shown percentages ranging from roughly 5% to about 30% with an overall prevalence of 13.4%. This is a significant rate of thyroid dysfunction among diabetics that should not be taken lightly. Furthermore, because both thyroid conditions and diabetes interact with the endocrine system, mutual damage can occur that promotes both conditions. Understanding the influence of each condition on the other is an important means of acquiring quality treatment.

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Hi clutter very interesting article,also if you scroll down there is another article of interest called save your vision from graves ophthalmology, it's about how graves can impact on your eyesight. Evidently March is designated as save your vision month.



Thanks I'll have a look. My sister has TED :(


Posted by Marz 17 hours ago ,found whilst scrolling down .Although my complaint on repetition stands perhaps this one is worthwhile. It was all the puffs for Ms Wentz that irritated.


I was told many years ago that there is a chance of diabetes and pernicious anaemia as well as allergies


The link below may enlighten....

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There's something wrong with that link :(


An Extract:

'Metformin linked to 55% increased risk of low TSH levels'

Of the study participants, 5,689 had been treated for hypothyroidism, while nearly 60,000 had normal thyroid function. Among the hypothyroidism group, there were 495 cases of low TSH per year, compared with 322 in the normal group.

The researchers found that in patients with treated hypothyroidism, metformin use was linked with a 55% increased risk of low TSH levels, compared with the use of sulfonylurea.

The team adds that use of metformin did not appear to affect those with normal thyroid function.

They conclude that their findings "support the hypothesis that metformin may lead to reductions in TSH levels in patients with treated hypothyroidism."

From the above report, it could be extrapolated that, due to reliance of the medical profession on TSH as a measure of thyroid function, then those thyroid patients who take Metformin could have their thyroid medication reduced as the are presumed to be over-medicated.

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