Hypothyroidism and Gluten


I know it is advisable to go Gluten free when one has Hashi's as it helps reduce antibodies but does it also help if one is hypo without antibodies?

When first diagnosed hypo five years ago my G.P. said I did not have the autoimmune type of hypothyroidism as I did not have antibodies (her words) as my level was 58 range 0 - 75

On another forum they say even if antibody level is in range you still are still classed as having them.

So my question is would I benefit from going Gluten free, also does anyone agree if antibodies are in range you are still classed as having them.

Any thoughts and advice gratefully appreciated.

thank you browny

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  • Hi Browny :)

    I think its a suck it and see principle. I tried it - kept it up for a month (wasnt easy) but felt no different. I'm not prepared to maintain something that seems to have no benefit. I'm already trying to keep within enough guidelines lol

  • Hi Jezebel69,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried going GF before but gave up after a few days.

    I think I should try for a lot longer to see if it does help.

    How are you doing with the addition of T3?

  • I managed to stick if for more than three months! What a miserable time that was. But it still didn't help.

    Trial and error, browny, the only way to find out if it will help YOU is to try it and see. But a bit longer than a few days, I would think!

  • Hi

    I am going to give it a try for a couple of months and see if it helps.

    Do you have antibodies greygoose?

  • I do. Or I did. They haven't been tested for a long long time, as doctors think there's no point. But as my gland doesn't have to work these days, I Don't think there'd be many in my blood.

    Good luck with the gluten-free!

  • I think it would be good if you read about gluten and its behaviour in the gut - with or without Hashimotos. Dr Tom O'Bryan is quite a good place to start. I have Hashimotos and went GF about 18 months ago. My anti-bodies have only reduced a little - so it's possibly dairy/eggs that are a problem :-(

    However - my joint pains seem better and having read about gluten in the form it is today - hybridized but not quite GMO - I am happy to remain GF.

    Gluten molecules can permeate the blood/brain barrier and create inflammation - yikes that was enough to send me into a GF spin :-)

    It's a tough call and a personal one - so have a good read....

  • Many thanks Marz for your reply,

    I think I really need to give it a try to see if it improves my symptoms.

    Like you I get joint pains, mainly hip bursitis and left shoulder pain, and more recently right shoulder pain.

    I will look up Dr. Tom O'Brian and have a good read.

    thank you again.

  • See link below :-) - which I have decided to put out as a New Post :-)

  • Hi browny , which thyroid med are you taking? I switched to NDT and bursitis disappeared overnight after 15 years on Levo only . I had been gluten/ dairy free for a month before changing med but still had all the muscle sensitivity . The diet change def helped in losing weight, 20 lbs so far, but the addition of T3 has been more spectacular in it's effects. I am avoiding processed foods and keeping to the lower sugar/ fructose fruits so it is a challenge but seems to be working in overall attitude/ better mood in general.

    Best wishes

  • Hi

    I am taking levo. 125mcg. daily, bursitis has been really bad when in bed for nearly three years.

    That's great how yours disappeared with NDT. Which one are you taking? Are you taking T3 in addition to your NDT?

    Good to hear also going GF has helped and you have lost all that weight.

    I am definitely going to give GF a go, then will look at trying NDT

    Thank you for replying.

  • Hi

    I am taking NP Thyroid only , which I got on prescription in US. I was only taking 75 mcg Levo and was probably under treated. I will be visiting UK GP in a couple of weeks and see how I get on telling her what I have been doing - I expect a meltdown ! but I will deal with it as calmly as possible and offer to give her all the research I've been reading plus books, so she will have no excuse for continuing ignorance of Thyroid issues. I suspect she will tow the line and keep in with the local Endos who must chant " T4only " in their sleep. Have you read Marz's link - it was a revelation to me

    All the best

  • I am just going to read Marz's link.

    good luck with your U.K. G.P. and

    hope you can continue with your NP Thyroid,

    Best wishes browny

  • thedr.com/wp-content/upload...

    Found the above on Dr Tom's website - e-book.....

  • Thank you Marz for the link,

    I will have a good read this evening,

    Best wishes browny

  • Hi there, for the last three or so years if followed a gf diet, relapsed (usually over Christmas or Easter :) ) and then resumed when I began to feel worse. The truth is I always feel so much better GF although most docs and endos will tell you it's all rubbish. My antibodies were at 750 after a bout of gluten and 150 in jan after being GF for just 3 weeks. I just spent a month on AIP ( autoimmune protocol diet ) and am pretty sure I should give up eggs and dairy too. It's a bit blurry for me because I don't get reactions straight away- general malaise, joint pain, lethargy. I felt amazing on that diet! The good news is I am so much more knowledagable about food and its effect on us. Our diets really are playing an enormous role in our health. I used to thinki had such a good, wholefood diet, mostly organic, lots of veg, fruit whole grains but actually it was poisoning me. You have to find out what works and doesn't work for you. If you do it you have to commit to it fully. Don't forget gluten is in soy sauce and mustard, etc so always read labels. Also, try and eat as much unprocessed food as possible. The GF aisles in the supermarkets are full of additives and rubbish. If you're desperate a slice of gf bread isn't going to kill you but all the additives might cause other problems. I'd like to completely give up sugar but that's another story!

  • Thank you for replying,

    good to hear you feel much better going GF, I going to give it a try and also look at other foods I am eating. I feel I eat reasonably healthy but will start revaluate my diet.

    thanks again for the info.

  • I have hypothyroidism and I've never had a positive antibodies test. I've been tested by the NHS at least once, and multiple times by Genova Diagnostics privately. I went GF at the beginning of this year, not expecting to get much out of the experiment. But I was surprised. My mood and my temper have improved dramatically. I went gluten-free to try and help my gut which doesn't work well and gives me lots of pain, but sadly, I've had no beneficial results in that respect at all. :(

  • Thanks for replying,

    I am going to give going GF a good go, I also have gut issues like you. I did a stool sample through a Nutritionist last year and it came back that I did not have one of the good bacteria we should have, I was prescribed a probiotic that contained it and my gut has been a lot better since.

    Maybe worth looking into, the Nutritionist did in through Genova.

  • I've been thinking about getting a stool sample tested for ages. But it costs so much, and it puts me off. I realise I may have to bite the bullet and do it eventually though. :(

  • I've started drinking kefir water. If anyone wants any kefir grains they're breeding like mad in my kilner jar!

  • Hi Penny

    I have been hearing about kefir but I am not sure what it is and what it used for, can you enlighten be please.

    thank you browny

  • Kefir is a 'good' bacteria which is used to populate the gut, etc.. You'll learn more by searching on the internet than you will from me. I bought some water kefir and have been drinking the water daily. The thing is that the grains keep growing apace and I don't really want to throw them away.

  • Hi Penny

    thank you for your reply,

    Just did a quick search and I will definitely get some.

    It's strange but my daughter said yesterday she is looking at doing a candida diet and from the little bit I have just read it says Kefir can help clear candida.

    Do you feel better for taking it and what symptoms has it improved.

  • If you'd like to PM me I'm happy to send you some - I've got lots! I think that they have to be 'fed' within 48 hours. I put a bit of demerara sugar in a kilner jar with some cold boiled water and a couple of cubes of crystallised ginger and cover with muslin. I decant every day or other day and add to water, refresh the water and watch the grains grow. I have the water ones so that I can sneak them into my husband's dairy-free yoghurts.

    Do I feel better? It is hard to know but to start with my tummy was a little upset and is now fine. I don't think that they can harm so hope that they do good.

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