Arrhythmia , could it be too much NDT ?

I have been taking NDT for around 7 months and was taking 3.5 grains a day , which energy wise was good , but still feel I could do with more . Unfortunately though I've started getting arrhythmia quite badly and am having blood tests etc at GP's on Monday . It's been suggested that it could be a deficiency of B12 . Has anyone got any suggestions on this please ?

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  • JuneP,

    Too much and too little thyroid replacement can cause arrhythmias. Make sure you take NDT after your blood draw on Monday.

    Have a look at this link to see whether arrhythmias are also a feature of B12 deficiency.

  • Thank you for reply . I've tried to open page but apparently it doesn't exist

  • JuneP,

    It looks like have deleted the page. Either Google "Does B12 deficiency cause arrhythmia" or ask on

  • Clutter. Thank you again , I'll look at those !

  • I had palls from not enough. GOOd point Clutter!

  • From what i have been told by some very informative people on here if that is happening but you feel good, it is probably a vitamin or mineral deficiency or it can be a problem with your adrenals. I would look into both because too much medication is known for heart issues that can be fatal. If you get you adrenals in a good spot and your Vit/Mineral levels optimal you will absorb your medication better and possibly be able to decrease your dose of meds and still feel great!

  • Hi Hashismom,

    Thank you for reply ! Well at the moment I'm taking everything , all vitamins and minerals , in fact everything recommended to support NDT therapy plus adrenal support too , so not sure there's a problem there . The only thing I wasn't taking was B12 , so if it's not that I'm not quite sure where to go from there .

    Currently the Arrhythmia has stopped as I've cut down to 2 grains, but energy wise not good so think I definitely need more than that , but maybe not the 3.5 grains ? Also just remembered I'm not taking Co Enzyme Q10 , could that be a factor ? Who knows dare say it's trial and error to an extent .

  • Junep I would def look at B12. Taking a B complex daily gives energy. B12 i was told should be @1000. Just because you are taking vitamins does not mean you are optimal. Taking certain ones together cancel each other out. Iron cannot be taken closer to 4-5 to other vitamins or to meds because it effects the absorption. You may be deficient in magnesium, most are. Trial and error for sure. Also have you look at the fillers n your meds???? Check out my most recent posts.

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