Latest blood test results - confused and worried!

Hi was wondering if any of you can help me work out whats going on. Had my latest bh test results yesterday. Over past 4 years I have been doing all I can to feel better as my gp just not interested. I havent been diagnosed and not on any medication. 4 years ago when I started complaining my TSH was 4.1 my ft4 was 13 (11-22). Every time Ive complained of feeling exhasted and unwell they did my bloods again. Have always been told "normal" but a pattern seems to be forming? My TSH is getting lower? 4.1, 3.5, 2.8 and now latest 2.6 all with same range 0.3 -4.5. I discovered my vits and minerals were bad so I have been working on that and they are now much improved but TSH also improving but ft4 and ft3 are getting worse? My ft4 last bh test 5 months ago was 16.88 (11-22) and ft3 4.7 (3.1 -6.8) the other day ft4 was back to 13 (11-22) and ft3 now down to 4.1 (3.1-6.8) Im exhasted, cant get out of bed in the morning my weight just keeps going up, the less i eat, the fatter i get! Ive put on another half stone since new year and my gp thinks im great as TSH is going the right way? Any help please? Xx

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  • I note you have not yet been diagnosed although you have clinical symptoms. The problem, in this modern day and age, is that doctors no longer treat the patient, i.e. consider their clinical symptoms except diagnose by 'blood test alone'. Before blood tests were introduced we were given a trial of NDT and if it relieved our symptoms we were hypo and stayed on it.

    I note some of your past questons enquired about NDT etc and have you self-medicated on anything at all? This will be informative and our TSH varies throughout the 24 hours of the day, so that's why we advise the eariest possible time for gettng blood test.

  • Magsyh,

    Did you have thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies tested as part of your BH test?

  • yes I forgot to say have had antibodies checked twice by bh and they are extreamly low. Blood tests have always been mid morning. I attempted to use thyroid s last year but my ferritin and b12 were way too low and it made feel awful, high pulse rate and anxiety. I have ordered t4 and t3 just a bit worried about self medicating but im getting to stage i may have no choice. Just worried about doing the wrong thing? X

  • Magsyh,

    If antibodies were low that probably rules out autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

    Do you feel any better or worse now that TSH has dropped?

  • No TSH seems to have made no difference to how I feel. Only the muscle pain has greatly improved since my vit d has gone from 34 to 64. I am still getting fatter my face very puffy and double chin getting bigger. My eyes are so puffy first thing you can hardly see them. I feel so tired and getting out of bed is a huge effort. Im 59 just gone into menopause had terrible period problems for years xx

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