Borderline underactive thyroid x here so please be gentle...

I had blood done this week and it came back borderline for an underactive thyroid...I've been having symptoms for a few years now....depression couple of stone on(when always really thin) no energy I have 2 naps a day really tired....ache like I'm getting the flu....without being to demanding could I ask to be put on mum has severe hypothyroidism if that helps x

Any replies will be greatfully received xxx

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  • Hi dannib. Sorry to hear about your symptoms. As a starting point can you post your blood results and ranges for people to comment on, as GP's judgement of borderline, normal etc often don't reflect symptoms and how we are feeling.

    (I wonder if a Dr ever looks at a urine test and tells the patient she is borderline pregnant ....... :-) )

  • Hey hun....I'm sorry I didn't get numbers when they said borderline so don't know them....they checked vitamins and everything else it could be and they came back normal xxx

  • No problem. You can ask for them over the phone or get a printout. But remember to have the lab ranges too as they vary. Others will be along soon to comment on specific symptoms.

  • Ok thank you hun xxx

  • I was borderline in 2009 and then diagnosed under active. I have an eight month old baby and when I was pregnant my thyroid levels went really low so my levothyroxine dose increased. It is now over active so I have been lowered. It's a nightmare and nobody understands how you feel. You probably get it yourself, people think you are just moaning because you are a bit tired xx

  • Sorry to hear that must be hard with a baby....mine are 6 and 8 so not too bad....I have (yet) another doc appointment today and really hope something finally happens xxx

  • When you get your blood test results post them on a new question, so others will comment too. This question may be pushed off the front page soon.

  • Thanks for reply hun....(in tears as I'm writing this) apparently now my levels are normal and everything I feel is down to my anxiety and depression xxx

  • Oh honey, don't cry. It will get better, especially now you can get lots of advice here. Get your results and take it from there. Anxiety and depression can be symptoms too, so don't let them fob you off. There are lots of things you can do to help yourself xxx

  • Stopped crying(lol)...I've lost my fight and very upset...going to log off and switch my bloody phone off soon..just don't know what to do xxx

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