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Borderline underactive thyroid

Hi I have been borderline and for about 2 years having my blood checked, my TSH is 4.9 now, the time before it was 5.12, I have been feeling ill with thyroid symtoms for years but I thought it must be my age and struggled through. My GP would'nt give me a referral for Dr skinner. But he said I could have a second opinion with a different NHS hospital, the previous hospital said they would not give any medication for my symtoms.

Does anyone know of a good NHS hospital endocrine doctor I could go to, I don'nt mind travelling, or am I wasting my time? Or could anybody recommend a good private doctor, perhaps without a refferal letter, just can't understand why the doctor can'nt give me a trial period of thyroxine or could I buy myself online - I look forwards to any information given, kind regards Jill

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You can't but thyroxin yourself, I don't recommend taking it without the doctor giving it to you, as you need the right dosage and a blood test every 3 months until the right dosage it right, I understand how you are feeling you need to keep going back to the doctor, take the second opinion as another doctor might give a different result, keep going good luck wish I could help by giving you a name or hospital that can help you. Take care vikki x


Dear Vikki Thanks for answering my message, i will go for a second opinion, fingers crossed kind regards Jill



Your TSH is very much in the area that mine has been recently. Luckily for me, the lab also did a Free T4 test. And the fact that was near bottom of range helped to convince my GP.

Did you get an fT4 test?

Next test you have, make sure you go as early in the day as possible - this is when the TSH is usually highest.

You might do better with getting suggestions if you give some idea where in the country you are. You may be willing to travel - but everyone who has a 'favourite' endocrinologist will be assuming they are too far away.

All the best



Dear Rod

My free T4 = 12.9 and 13 which I think is in the range and would'nt count and my antibodies were 17.1 normal

I did'nt know to take blood test in morning - I thought at the end of day when I'm feeling even worse, would be a better time but I don't understand it all very much all I know is that I feel lousey all the time and wish I could try thyroxine (a low dose) to see if I could feel better but with my results I hav'nt got a chance - thanks for answering my message and all the best to you - regards Jill



Your free T4 is low (but without a reference range, difficult to know quite how low). But your doctor(s) need to appreciate that you can have an in-range free T4 and be ill. And some do.

You most definitely DO have a chance.



If you go on to the TPAUK website(Thyroid patient Advocacy) and then on to their discussion forum you can request a list of "helpful endos" in the country. Hope this helps



Dear Alli

Thank you for your message It has been very helpful, all the best regards Jill


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