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Hyperthyroid and burping


I am new to this site but have read msny of the posts.

I am forever burping, after food even after a few sips of water. I am hyperthyroid and the only explanation I have had is that food is rushed through my system.

Endo did blood test for coeliac but came back negative.

My husband wants to take me out for a meal by I am too embrassed.

Anyone suffering the same?


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It may just be that you are a bit low on stomach acid. I take a supplement (pepcin/hcl) and find it helps w heartburn and indigestion.


Hi there, Yes I had the same and took a probiotic which seemed to settled it down :)


I had this problem for a little while and found taking an antacid tablet helped a lot.

I used Rennies after a meal and it worked for me and hope it will work for you as well.

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I'm not hyper but Hypothyroid

When I had severe burping couple years ago I was too ill to go to GP straightaway so I Googled it.

I read that cutting down on wheat products might help.

My breakfast then was A banana and two Shredded Wheat with semi-skimmed milk. I changed to a banana and bowl porridge made with milk and cut down on bread. Eventually I stopped eating bread. Saw my GP few weeks later although much improved I burped while there! He prescribed Peptac liquid medicine which I tried for a while it helped a bit.

I sometimes eat bread occasionally and can occasionally burp, but nothing like back then when I couldn't stop burping Other things to try are concentrating on your eating and slowing down chewing making sure not to swallow air. Also sipping warm water with a little bicarbonate of soda to clear the burps.

The month before the burping I had been to A&E with chest pain. I was initially admitted and then discharged to be seen in outpatients because there were no beds. That appointment was supposed to be a couple of weeks later. I waited eleven months. The consultant said my cholesterol was high and I needed another test before he started me on statins. Due to eating porridge every day for the previous ten months my cholesterol was now low, lower than it had ever been so No statins required!

Which was a nice 'silver lining'!!!

I'm new to this site too.

Hope you get the burping under control & can enjoy a lovely meal out with your husband soon.

All the best.

X Mary

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Many thanks to everyone. I am now thinking of going gluten free but will seek medical advice first. Will start eating more yoghurt.

Once again, I appreciate all replies, very helpful.

Best wishes

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I'm hypo but I have this problem too and it drives me nuts. I'm thinking about trying a probiotic to see if that helps! A lot of trial and error with these conditions aren't there! :) Good luck!


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