Irritability and hyperthyroid

Hi everybody. I’m recently diagnosed as hyperthyroid 2months almost) and on 15mg carbimazole and 90mg propranolol daily. I see an endocrinologist on Friday. Had some bloods done on Friday because I had developed a sore throat so my GP sent me off for a full blood count but also got a thyroid function test done. I don’t have the report yet so can’t post the actual results but she said my levels were t normal but had improved since my last test. I have noticed that I am getting more and more irritable and have zero tolerance for anything. Had an argument today with a woman in Tesco over tomatoes of all things. Anybody else really irritable? Is it the meds or the overactive thyroid or a combination?

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Moody, from Cleveleys haha x

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  • I would get irritable when hypo, perhaps your results are a little 'too good', your doctor may have thought lower levels were better.

  • I’ll get the actual results from them on Monday together with the ranges. I’m certainly doing my own head in, never mind everybody else’s!! Xx

  • I don't have a thyroid but I feel like this all of the time.

  • Yes normal for hyperactive. I was diagnosed over 8 years ago. I’m quite a laid back person but when I was overactive I lost my temper at silly things. It does get better.

  • I’m normally so laid back I’m horizontal!! But so short tempered right now. Thanks for replying x

  • It's called Graves' rage and it's terrible. I was always known for my measured approached to all things. Now, everything is grrrr...... and I really have to identify, stop, take a big breath or in some occasions not speak at all and walk away.

    Elaine Moore explains in more detail here.

    Graves' rage refers to the feelings of irritability that occasionally cause Graves' disease patients to react with hostility. Patients with Graves’ rage typically express feelings of rage at circumstances that ordinarily would cause them slight concern. Inappropriate or exaggerated reactions are common in individuals experiencing Graves' rage.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with adrenal glands, my mother had Addison's disease, failure of the adrenal glands and like me, couldn't have been more accommodating or even laid back but when her adrenal glands went off, she became really bad tempered bordering on wild!

    Magnesium and camomile tea has helped me a little.

  • Thank you so much xx

  • i think your dose of 15mg carbimazole is not enough compared to 90mg propranolol especially in the beginning even if the blood test is ok because it is a range not fixed number for all people and doctors do not know what should be the exact number of your the only one who knows from your symptoms. so i recommend to increase the dose of carbimazole to 20mg after you examine the result with your doctor and wait about 3 weeks to get improved because the medication needs time to control

  • Thank you. I see an endocrinologist on Friday so hoping for some changes

  • I was on 20mg and went up to 30mg at one stage, but now off meds altogether. Ask your consultant?

  • Hi I was diagnosed as hyperthyroid in 2006 and have been on carbimazole since then, I started on 20mg and it took me a year to get down to 5mg which I have stayed on, I have had blips over the years especially when my stress levels get high my thyroid does really play up, I was also given beta blockers which completely disagreed with me the side effects were terrible, so I just stayed on my carbimazole, the doctors have not got a clue about overactive thyroid, as it is out of their league, over the years I have had many GPs tell me my blood results are normal, when clearly they were not, they only cope with underactive, as for aggression, mine was the opposite, I had tears constantly, I would look into the side effects of your beta blockers. good luck on Friday

  • Thanks. I thought it might be linked to the beta blockers. I’m going to be able to get off them

  • You should be under the care of a Hospital Consultant if you are HyPER thyroid, not just your GP because of the problems of having a Thyroid crisis. Check with your GP because I am sure you should not have been still taking Carbimazole for more than 2 years. It has been shown to be ineffective after 2 years, and that is why you should have a trial without meds, followed by either surgery or radioactive-iodine treatment, because prolonged use of carbimazole isn't good for you. When did you last see a Hospital Consultant - I have to see mine every 6 months now I am off meds, it was 3 monthly when on meds.

  • Hi. I've been on carbimazole for nearly 7 years, ranging from 5mg to 20mg depending on my results every 6 weeks. At the moment, I'm on 20mg and due for blood test next week.I will say when over, I'm inclined to blow up over the slightest thing, when I go under, I get very depressed and cry. Other symptoms will give you an idea, weight loss or gain, also feeling nervous and on edge when over. But it could be as my family suspect, I'm just a miserable, irritable pain in the backside!! He,he!

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid 2 years ago and was on carbimazole and propanolol for 18 months. I know what they mean by Grave's rage, I do not think it is the medication because I certainly had the rage before I was diagnosed and thought it was the menopause, but turned out to be my thyroid over acting! My poor kids got the brunt of it and my long suffering husband, how he stayed with me with Graves and the menopause - both have very similar symptoms and I was double trouble. Thankfully I am currently off medication and have been since May. Due a blood test next week to see if I am still in remission! If not then I have to have radioactive iodine or surgery - neither of which I want! So fingers crossed. I don't know how old you are, but the menopause seemed to trigger my Graves and echo the symptoms. Sadly though I am the only person I know of who can have a disease that you are supposed to lose tons of weight with and put on a stone! Fortunately it is coming off now I am in remission albeit slowly!

    Keep well, eat healthy and take lots of exercise. That seemed to work for me.

  • No, you know me 😊 I cannot lose weight to save my life. I am 50 so smack bang the right age for the menopause. I have seen the endo today and he said because if my age it is most likely Graves but has asked for more bloods to be sure. Back in 8 weeks x

  • Oh and he’s told me to drop down to 10mg of carbimazole x

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