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CEA elevated and hyperthyroid

Im new here and recently had my health checked. Saw the endocrinologist and clinically diagnosed Graves with TSH 0.9. She said it's mild thyroid issue and waiting for more blood test eesults to start treatment. I am a little concern if the elevated CEA is pointing to the thyroid issue rather than the colon or rectum. I have no symptoms of colorectal problems.

Are there anyone here who had CEA elevated due to thyroid and not other issues?

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Sorry the TSH should be 0.056.


Ah! That's more likely.


What is CEA?

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Carcinoembryonic antigen , it's a tumour marker.

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Thanks. :)


Might be worth doing one of the alternative cancer protocols as well as whatever the doc suggets, as most of those try to support the immune system to help with all sorts of cancer (so the type doesn't matter). AFAIK the tumour markers (I thought it was HCG they tested but I'm probably out of date) don't tell you where the tumour is either, just that something is growing in a way that usually only happens if you are pregnant.


Thanks for all your replies.

Got my labs results today and all normal. I have no thyroid disorder.

Not sure if I should be more worried now that I could have something else more serious from the elevated CEA.


Hope someone maybe able to suggest whether i should continue to return for repeat testing. Below are the results of the blood tests:

TSH 1.33(0.65-3.70

Free T4 9.7 (8.8-14.4)

Free T3 4.2 (3.2-5.3)

TSH receptor antibodies 0.4 (0.0-1.5)

Clinical Diagnosis: possible Graves

Thanks in advance.


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