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I am exactly 2 weeks into my NDT changeover from 175 levo. I just want a bit of feedback on anyone's experience switching. I am taking supplements, avoiding gluten, and take 1.5 grains before bed. I feel awful, I wake shattered, and all my old symptoms are worse. Weak, ringing in ears, lethargy, insomnia .. I could write a book. My pulse is ok but waking temp is up. I don't want to throw the towel in but am scared of it worsening. I read and followed SSTM but they very pro NDT and as I am a poor converter wonder if I should now have gone down the levo plus t3 route after joining this group. In my poorly state I am fretting but don't want to give in and go back!

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  • Skyebeardie,

    You are undermedicated. 1.5 grains NDT is equivalent to 97.5mcg Levothyroxine. You would have done better to titrate Levothyroxine while you built up NDT. STTM advises dose increases of 1/2 grain at 2 week intervals. If you didn't have adverse reactions starting on 1.5 grains you could try a 1 grain dose increase now. It might be better to take the extra 1 grain in the morning to spread the T3 peaks. If you feel over medicated with the additional 9mcg T3 cut back to 2 grains.

  • Bless you, I expected to go through some changes but I feel so ill and when you spend your life relying on GP's and then go it alone it is scary. I will try another grain and see how it works. Thanks clutter.

  • Skyebeardie,

    It's going to take 7-10 days to absorb and build up the T4 but you should feel the benefit of the extra T3 quickly.

  • Hi Clutter, I know it's only another 12 days since this question but I do feel awful. I am really not good with dreadful tinnitus, very weak, feel sick, weird feelings of tingling in my arms. It's become so scary and I am not able to do anything. I know it's a hard question but when do I say this is enough and NDT is not my answer. I want to continue but my body is not happy!

  • Skyebeardie,

    You could try a different NDT brand or go back to 175mcg Levothyroxine.

  • I don't want to go backwards, I so want to get my life back but this is pretty awful. I will post requesting a source for natural thyroid. In the meantime, I will probably have to go back to levo, might try that plus t3 as I am a poor converter. Trial and error!

  • Skyebeardie,

    How much NDT are your taking?

  • I take 1 grain at night, I now sleep in that. 1 grain in the morning yesterday. 2 grains at night leave me waking boiling hot and soaked. This morning 1 tried half a grain and feel feeble but not like yesterday, I barely got up. I am not a quitter but this is really scary. I should probably have done as you originally suggested and started levo plus NDT.

  • Skyebeardie,

    You became undermedicated and it will take longer than 12 days to catch up. Why did you only take 1/2 grain this morning instead of 1 grain?

  • Fear, since being at 2 grains I have got much more symptoms but can still add the half if I am playing catch up on my starting underside. I suppose it is possible my symptoms are lagging behind the 2 grains?

  • Skybeardie don't give up! It takes a while to get used to the difference and as Clutter says, you are under medicated. I know it's scary going it alone, I've been there, but it's worth it in the end. Good luck and better health.

  • I started taking NDT 4 weeks ago, having been on 225mcg for years. I started on only half a grain of NDT as I was so worried about having a bad reaction to it. But I was fine apart from a slightly nauseous feeling at first. Then I raised the dose reasonably quickly as I began to feel under-medicated and I'm now on 2 grains. I feel fine and seem to have more energy and to be doing more. I feel like I need to raise the dose again so I might do that next week.

    Before I got up to 2 grains I began to get dry flaky skin (usually one of the first symptoms of under-medication that I get), and then when I increased the dose by half a grain my skin improved again. Hopefully if you increase your dose you might find you improve. Good luck.

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