Move from NDT to T3

I've being on NDT now for two months. Originally starting on one grain then I upped this to one and a half grains as my TSH started rising.

To be honest I am now back to square one. Right where I was upon diagnosis back in October - a little worse even. Thankfully other than the tiredness and anxiety I'm symptom free.

I just don't think NDT is working for me. At least Levo worked in that it got my TSH down and T4 and T3 up, but the depression was unbearable and I can't have that in my life.

I want to try T3. I have a source and was just wondering what would be a good starting dose?

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  • Helena877,

    Your TSH rose because you were under medicated. How much Levothyroxine were you taking before you switched to NDT?

  • I was taking 50/75 Levo alternate days and TSH down from 10-5.

  • Helena877,

    It's a low dose and not enough. I think you need to try 75/100 alternate days.

  • But I'm on NDT now and taking 1.5 grains. I dint want to go back on Levo.

  • Helena877,

    Sorry, I forgot. I think you need to raise NDT to 2.5 grains in half grain increments at 2 week intervals. Hold at 2.5 grains for 6-8 weeks and have a thyroid test before increasing further to make sure FT3 remains within range.

  • 8 weeks isn't very long when introducing a new method.

    When taking NDT, you can take an equivalent dose to levo when starting and then every two weeks add 1/4 or 1/2 until you are symptom-free. Some people need to take higher doses and some less.

  • I will switch to two grains tomorrow and tell private GP who I'm seeing on Thurs to up my prescription.

    I need rid of the tiredness or to start working nights. I'm alive now after spending most of the day napping and doing very little. I know others have it a lot worse.

    I just feel like I need the T3 there in readiness

  • There is T3 in NDT, so as you increase your dose you increase the T3 too.

    It took me about five years to feel better again and I had to change several types of hormones.

  • I know I'm really impatient. Unfortunately that won't leave me - always thinking ahead "what shall I do next etc..."I have it relatively easy compared to some of the more serious stories on here. I need more energy other than the nervous head energy I get from the anxiety!

    I'm not convinced by Nature Throid. It's cheap compared to other brands so in my head I translate that as being not as good, which I know is not always true.

    Hopefully I will feel better on 2 grains :-)

    5 yrs is a long time to be unwell. Can I ask - were you very symptomatic?

  • It was levothyroxine which gave me more symptoms than I had before being diagnosed. Some people have a defective gene which means they cannot convert T4 to T3, but I've never had that test but I assume maybe I have.

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