Changing to NDT

My private Endo suggested I change from 70mcg T3 only to NDT to see if it made any difference to my Atrial Fibrillation.

I started on 2 grains Nature Thyroid (1 in morning and 1 at 1pm). The switch over has been fine but three weeks on I am feeling extremely hypo. The lower body joint pain is horrendous (exactly as it used to be on Levo), my hair is falling out and I am exhausted and freezing. I am due a blood test in 3 weeks and then need to go back and see him.

I don't think I can wait three weeks though whilst feeling like this. Should I just go back to T3 only as switching to NDT hasn't helped my palpitations anyway? Or should I stick it out or increase my dose?

I don't really want to pay out for more NDT if it's not going to be for me and I don't want to get so much worse that it takes me months to recover but I know I may need to give it more time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Kel8,

    2 grains NDT is equivalent to 50mcg T3 so you may be under medicated and palpitations can be due to under medication as well as over medication.

    I would increase to 3 grains NDT but wait until you've been on 3 grains for 6 weeks before ordering a blood test.

  • That makes sense. Thank you Clutter :)

  • I thought there was approx 9mcg of T3 per grain? Have I read it wrong?

  • I think Clutter's calculation includes the T3 you would get via the conversion from the T4 in the NDT

  • Ah I see! I got worried then! Thank you 😊

  • Smotv80,

    1 grain contains 38mcg T4 + 9mcg T3.

  • When we switch to NDT, we increase the dose by a small amount (1/4 or 1/2 tablet) about every two weeks until we are symptom free. I will give you a link which I hope is helpful. Also take pulse/temp as a guideline. Sometimes we feel very hot but temp will be the same etc.

  • That is a really interesting article so thank you for that. I will increase slowly.

  • Start low and build up over a few weeks DON'T do a direct swap I am sure doctors say this so they can say the ruled it out!

  • Yes, I was told just to swap straight over. Have done 3 weeks on 2 grains so may as well carry on now but build up slowly from there.

    Misled by docs as usual!

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