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I couldn't figure out why I was getting worsening symptoms for the last 2/3 weeks , particularly hot and red patches on the front of my legs, very dry, spotty, itchy skin, lying awake for hours, etc. Then I suddenly realised I'd switched to taking the ndt sublingually. Now since my digestion isn't great and I have acid reflux (from low acid?), perhaps I'm absorbing more of the ndt. I'm cutting back a bit to see what happens. I'm also considering saving up to have a full thyroid blood test: both antibodies, nutrients, reverse T3, etc. But it'll be about £300, which I don't have at the moment,

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  • More likely you absorbing less of it, taking it sublingually. Why would your symptoms get worse if you were getting more hormone? You cannot absorb it sublingually, it's designed to be absorbed in the stomach.

  • Well from extensive reading, it would appear that my symptoms are more in keeping with overmedication, although I agree it's hard to tell. I'm more hot than cold - especially in bed - my heart rate is more like 68-72 instead of 60, insomnia has changed to being awake for hours instead of just unrefreshing/waking frequently. Even before getting T4 I never had itchy, spotty, dry, skin like this - or the eyes that are so dry at night, the lids are stuck down. I thought that too about sublingual but so many people I know swear it's made ndt more effective. I know it doesn't make sense. And my T3 is in the upper third.

  • With my fT3 where it is, I'd be a bit scared to increase. If the top end is 6.8, I'm already at 5.62.

  • I wasn't suggesting you increase your dose. Just take it correctly.

    Is that your result with taking your NDT sublingually? Or when you were swallowing it?

  • I think it was swallowing then. So you're thinking I'm not absorbing as well sublingually? I've had another test since but forgot to ask endo for levels. He said they were 'good'. 🙄 I wonder why so many people swear by it? I just wish it was SIMPLE! Haha Thanks

  • I don't know why so many people swear by it. I did try it myself, out of curiosity, but didn't find it helped.

    But, if those labs were when you were swallowing, you were obviously absorbing it quite well, that was, even if you do have low stomach acid.

  • I think because I still had symptoms, I decided to try sublingual. Because my saliva cortisol test was high, my endo suggested reducing. I couldn't get my head round that.

  • I suppose he didn't know what else to suggest. lol

  • He's very nice but hardly proactive.

  • Have decided to take my temperature 4x a day for 5 days to see if I'm consistently low or I fluctuate. Trying to see how much my adrenals are playing a part in my symptoms. Today I have been 36, 36.2, 36.7 but retook 30 mins later to check and it was then 36.2 and again 36.2 just now at 2.30pm. Looks like I'm undermedicated. I've gone back to swallowing ndt and upper it slightly.

  • The STTM keeps repeating that NDT will work better if taken sublingually...every time a drug is reformulated to include more cellulose, the STTM complains that it is no longer possible to take it sublingually so it is no longer as good as it used to be...I am not saying I agree with the STTM (I have always swallowed thyroid meds, synthetic and natural), just that I often see the STTM quoted in this context...

  • It was reading that on STTM that convinced me but I do know the molecules are too big.

  • To be honest, I don't know anything about the molecules, but I agree with Greygoose that thyroid drugs are not made to be taken sublingually. Like Greygoose, I also tried that method briefly but it did nothing for me so I went back to swallowing the meds (more simple IMO).

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