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Anyone else started ndt on 1/4 grain.This is my second time trying.The first time I started on 1/2 in morning 1/2 later on and it didn't agree with me(chest pain)I've been on 1/4 since Friday then yesterday I tried 1/4 in the evening but after driving on the motorway in the dark and getting a bit stressed I felt awful just dull feeling in my chest and not feeling very good. I've been working on my ducks since last time. I just don't think ndt is for me. Today I've gone back to 1/4 grain, but I feel poo. I am belching loads I am guessing my body is slowing down (low acid). Do you think it's adrenals? I had my cortisol tested by an endo It was 221 at 3pm no ranges given,I couldn't afford the saliva test.Any ideas ?

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  • Abby77,

    What medication and doses were you taking before switching to NDT?

  • Hi clutter, I am / was on 125 of Levo. I take ferrous fumate 205.I am Following vitD protocol 5000iu daily with k2 and magnesium in the evening, I also take a b12 spray daily and Acv for my low stomach acid .I Was feeling a bit better after being diagnosed with cfs in July with taking the ferrous fumate so I thought I would start trying thyroid s again.

    I've binned it off as of today gone back to Levo and I am going to save up for a saliva test. I don't see my endo until mid October.

    It's not easy is it? 😫

  • Abby77,

    Some people have to try several brands of NDT to find one which suits and not everyone does better on NDT.

  • Yeah, I will see what happens after my saliva test and then maybe try a different brand.

    Thanks clutter x

  • I AGREE... i am on nature throid and b4 that...thiroyd...they thiroyd was super smooth to take...the nature throid give me a t3 high when i take it for a little while...not as smooth at all and i am having some foot issues that i dont know if related....staying on it until my next test in a couple weeks...but may try the NP thyroid next if dr will let me.....i do think there is a big difference...in meds....and drs.....and how they read the test....

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