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My latest test results

TSH3.48 mU/l (0.4-4 mU/l)

S -T4-V10 pmol/l (10-25 pmol/l)

S -T3-V5.0 pmol/l (3.2-6.5 pmol/l)

S -cortisol 771 nmol/l range(150-650)

P-CRP<10 (0-10 mg/l)

Iron panel, everything normal , tho Ferrit32 ug/l (5-90 ug/l)not super bad?

Glucose 6.0 mmol/l (4-6 mmol/l) Because of some sort of thyroid malfunction?

Rheumatoid factor negative and tons of other tests, mostly ok except eosinophil % 11.6 % (1-6 %).

So my ft4 stays low, range in this lab different compared to last which was 10-21 so I dont know how do you read that.

Ft3 high enough, but I am most certainly feeling any good at all, feeling awful. But this could also indicate severe iodine deficiency where ft3 rises to compensate dropping ft4? Can't do shit about that as I am quite intolerant to iodine.

Tpoab negative , last two before was borderline.

Cortisol high :(, but I was very nervous, tho it rules out anything serious going on with adrenal glands having that high number, doesn't it?

There is more tests waiting to get ready end of next week.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Edit: been gluten for years and dairy free most of the time. Supplementing selenium and gas been optimal.

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That cortisol is a bit high.

What are your symptoms, Justiina? How do you feel most days?

Have you ever been tested for Cushing's Syndrome?

It's not all in your head, there is something not quite right going on here. But I have a feeling (not based on much at all to be honest, call it a hunch) that your raised TSH might be secondary to something else going on.

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I am so tired I could sleep most of the time :(

I have been unwell for almost 20 years nothing showing up, not much tested tho except chronic yersiniosis in the past.

My rheumatoid factor was negative , but tests for many autoimmune diseases takes another week to get ready.

My TT4 has been slowly falling and last summer ft4 dropped from 17 to 10 and TSH started to rise. Slowly tho but ft4 won't budge.

My saliva cortisol has always been either low or normal but it's very different as you can do that right away after waking up. Now I was awake two hours before blood drawn and had to drive for an hour. Was very stressed.

I don't know what is going on but possibly high cortisol could be related to allergy as my eosinophil % indicates allergy. Been high before but no one cares even though I have bad hives.


So when you say unwell, it's mostly tiredness? Any aches and pains? Weight issues? Headaches, tummy probs?

So sorry Justiina. It's horrible when you can't get doctors to take your symptoms seriously.


These days it's mostly sleepiness and feeling cold.

It used to be just general fatigue and couldn't tolerate physical stress. Still can't but it's worse now.

I tend to lose weight and I have many food sensitivities including iodine. I have always been skinny and at some point very underweight.

But i am fortunate not being in pain. I don't use pain killers, haven't taken any for 10 years. Sure I can be stiff and I have injured myself few times, but pain is never that bad.

Restless legs can be painful after physical stress , but I have learned to settle pillows so my legs feels nice and I can sleep.

I do have frequent headache but never bad enough.

Actually whatever pain I have had, periods, headache, joint pain etc lessened going gluten free 10 years ago. I had very painful periods with bad headache and needed strong pain killers. Nowadays I don't even realise my periods are about to start.

So at least something positive!


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