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Latest blood results


My 17 year old daughter had a total thyroidectomy (March 2016) due to a large goitre restricting her windpipe causing her problems swallowing and breathing, it was full of cysts but no cancer thank goodness. She had Hashimotos anyway so was on levo before the op. She has also been recently diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome and has not felt fully well for around 6 months so had a blood test before we go back to see rheumatologist next week.

TSH 26.39 (0.4-4.0)

T4 15.2 (9-25 although I understand ideally in top half?)

T3 was not tested, does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thanks, Dawn

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I am sorry your daughter has been very unwell and hope she recovers quickly.

I am assuming the blood test results were taken after her op? Her TSH is too high yet and I hope they give her a proper dose of hormones.

If she felt well on levothyroxine before the goitre she may, when her dose is increased to an optimum may find that any symptoms resolve.

Members who've had such an op will also respond.


Thanks. The graph shows results after the op to the most recent from this week so you can see the TSH rising. They've increased levo from 125 to 175 so fingers crossed!

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I love your graph was that something you've done or the hospital?,I had a Total thyroidectomy in many ways it has made things better,but has also has caused problems of its own, (i have problems with my menstrual cycle)it takes time to get on the right dosage hope all goes well. It sounds like she has a great mum looking out for her nothing can beat that 🤒🤒🤒🤒


That's lovely of you to say, she definitely knows I'm in her corner! I did the graph in excel, really helps me understand the numbers. My daughter has period problems too, very heavy for months on end to the point she became anaemic, nightmare for a teenager. I'm wondering if she should ask for t3 test before her hospital appointment... D


This may be informative:



You can see the drs and try and get a full test although they frustratingly only do thyroid function tests every six week as that is the time it takes the t4 to build to its peak, my drs include a basic t3 in that blood test ,ask the reseptionist for a print out ,also see if you can get to see results online through paitent line .there are private tests you can do on the home page of thyroid uk there is a recommended company,I am just plotting my own rise and fall of Tsh (as we don't have a thyroid it's the petuitry in the brain requesting energy t4/t3 ) as it's the only way to show what's happening in the body.

If she's has severe periods then try and record these separately as this is all hormonal and is affected by the amount of t4 t3 in the body it is still quite early to know if t4 t3 is working properly ask the drs if iron tablets would benefit at he moment because of her heavy periods so that she doesn't become run down.

Keep updating only too happy to help.😎😀😎😀

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Have you watched the Thyroid Secret (free) video series on now? Would be really good for you to watch together:


There are a number of things she can do which may significantly improve her symptoms, e.g. 100% gluten free diet, alongside getting the right dose of replacement hormones.


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She was tested for gluten intolerance and the results were negative although she did go gluten free for a couple of months to see if she felt any better (she didn't and being a teenager she missed the standard burger / pizzas etc).

I'll have a look at the Thyroid Secret, sounds interesting.

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